Stories of climbers and climbing manufacturers.

Tales of Booty from a Master Pirate 1

Tales of Booty from a Master Pirate

Over the years we’ve all had wonderful and memorable climbs: hard routes sent, projects completed, magical experiences, terrible climbs where things go wrong, bodies are hurt, or…

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kush climbing bouldering pad interview header

Kush Climbing Bouldering Pads – A Brand in the Making

I first heard about Kush Climbing right around the time their Kickstarter campaign launched. My curiosity was immediately piqued by their vision to create environmentally…

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Valley Walls by Glen Denny: Book Review 2

Valley Walls by Glen Denny: Book Review

When Valley Walls arrived gratis from the publisher, the first thing I noticed was the high quality appearance. The clean cover and 80 lb. matte coated text stock feel smooth to…

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story behind the photo lost gear

Lost Gear on Lost Chord

The photo above represents the large amount of lost gear from a party climbing Lost Chord, a beautiful WI4 line in Hunters Creek, Alaska. The photographer, Steve, started the…

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Arches National Park Header

Exploring Arches NP in Moab, Utah

On our way to Mexico from Salt Lake City, we decided to stop at Arches National Park. It was conveniently on our route and the break allowed us to celebrate the 100 year…

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WeighMyRack camper renovation

World Headquarters Transformation

The remodel was a total success. For official release: We are no longer referring to the WMR World Headquarters as a camper or trailer, but instead it has become our tiny home…

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Night Camper Header

WeighMyRack Trailer Gets a Makeover: Part 1

It started out innocently enough when I told Andreas, "I have a bad idea, so I don't really want to tell you about it." The thing I had been dreaming of: our Bigfoot camper with…

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Bison by Road Header

Off to Reunite with the WeighMyRack Trailer

We left Yellowstone NP after a day of mountain biking that afforded us 3 beautiful waterfalls, endless green scenery and 5 miles of steady hill climbing circumnavigating Bunsen…

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Northeast Foliage

Fall in the Northeast

We embarked on a hike to get a final expansive glimpse of fall. Just a few steps past the trailhead we noticed the majority of the leaves on the ground were red and the remaining…

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Happy Birthday from Louisiana

Louisiana in a Day

It was my birthday. I was in Louisiana and I had just read an article by John Sherman stating there are definitely no rocks to climb in this state (he had done multiple recon…

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WeighMyRack Arrives in New Mexico

To White Sands National Monument We Go

Inspired by a fellow traveler's photo, I insisted WeighMyRack should make a stop at White Sands National Monument on the way to our next climbing destination in Hueco Tanks,…

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Brandon VLine US Made Bouldeing Pads

V Line: Made in the USA

It can be a challenge to find equipment manufacturers that keep all their production here in the US. A lot of the small US companies fly just under the radar, missing all the…

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Omega Pacific Link Cam Parts

8 Tactics Omega Pacific uses to Manufacture in America

UPDATE: You can now find some of Omega Pacific's carabiner designs being manufactured by SMC. Check them out at WeighMyRack/carabiner. UPDATE: Omega Pacific no longer exists as a…

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Black Diamond Manufacturing hot forged carabiners

What Makes Black Diamond Tick: Part 2

Black Diamond was born out of litigation so it's no surprise that the company has a very rigorous approach to making quality gear. They do relentless testing and employ a sizable…

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Black Diamond Employee

What Makes Black Diamond Tick, Part I

With it's steepled brown roofs and off-white walls, arriving at Black Diamond is like stumbling across a quaint Swiss village. The large company logo displayed on the main…

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Metolius Building Sign

11 Things I Learned Touring Metolius

WeighMyRack spent a day at the Metolius Headquarters in Bend, Oregon. In addition to a tour, I talked with Doug Phillips, the founder of Metolius. I wanted to share the most…

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Seattle Bouldering Project Bouldering Competition

My First Bouldering Competition

I didn't know the rules of the competition and I didn't want anybody to focus on me (and my performance) but I felt I had to accept the invitation to participate. I was scared.…

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Covered Wagon Replica

Travelers Throughout Time

1. Natives & Settlers I am curious how the Shoshone-Banncock traveled this land. It's hard to fathom what it'd be like to live in a covered wagon while crossing the country…

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New Toyota RAV4 V6

It Was Time For a Trade-In

The Forester behaved like The Little Train That Could. Slowly and with great effort it plodded it's way up hills pulling the HQ behind. All the other vehicles on the road: cars,…

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City Of Rocks Panorama Looks Like Lord of The Rings

Chasing the Weather in City of Rocks, ID

Our original plan was to chase the sun and make sure we picked working locations that were climbing-based. Our first adventure was to City of Rocks, in time for the Idaho Mountain…

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