We embarked on a hike to get a final expansive glimpse of fall. Just a few steps past the trailhead we noticed the majority of the leaves on the ground were red and the remaining leaves high in the trees were still a bright yellow. Streams of sunlight played between the trees as we made our way up a previously unexplored trail to a familiar lunch spot, the Belvedere Fire Tower.


A peaceful beaver pond along the way
Although the photo isn’t much to lust after, the flow of the rock almost made it look like a petrified tree.
September 21: Leaves Starting to Turn


October 12: Leaves almost gone



Andreas enjoying the extra 250ft of the fire tower


The trail was so thick with leaves they often covered our shoes.

Although we felt a bit of guilt knowing it would have been a prime climbing day, this hike gave us child-like energy. We kicked and threw leaves into the air and giggled as we jumped from rock to root to rock avoiding the treacherous mud pits. Time seemed to slow down as we approached each of the many streams; we would stand on the bank, enjoying the sounds of nature and enabling ourselves to live in the moment.

It was a perfect day to remind us that we really are living the dream. Exploring the outdoors on our terms, whenever and wherever we want. We came home completely refreshed.