Contributor Guidelines

We do accept guest posts

Other than an editing fee, we do not change for solicited posts that meet our requirements. 

Many of our reviewers receive the reviewed gear for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

All posts must be related to climbing and incorporate climbing gear in the post. 

Climbing gear includes apparel and periphery items you might take on a climbing adventure. 

Author credit

Authors will get a separate page listing all their articles, as well as their personal channels (blog, Instagram, YoutTube, etc). Click to see an example for author Alison.

Our Readers

Our readers are typically already climbing gear nerds. Newer climbers also find our page when they search about specific gear or specific gear questions. When writing a post you may assume the reader has a basic understanding of what a piece of gear is, when it is used, and it’s basic/intended uses (you don’t have to explain what a belay device is or what a belayer does). We encourage posts that value these qualities:

      • Integrity & Trust: open, honest, real & genuine
      • Make a Difference: win-win-win, empower, make people happy
      • Teach: excite and inspire
      • Surprise and delight: be unique, light-hearted, not too serious
      • Simplicity: intuitive & clear-minded


Areas to Contribute

Gear Heavy Posts

Ideally you’ve had months of use of the gear before you’re writing about it. The more descriptive and exhaustive the better! Pictures/videos are definitely helpful. We like graphs. Time to geek out on gear!

Example Ideas

    • Gear comparisons
      • Popular debates (example: Petzl Reverso vs BD ATC Guide)
      • Top 10 x (x = lightest carabiners, etc)
      • Enlightening graphs (example: weight vs price comparison)
      • Your experience using different types of features (ie: flexible/stiff cam stems or the difference in foam padding on a bouldering pad).
    • Gear Modifications
      • Mods to create more uses (like crampons fitting more boot styles)
      • How to lighten a piece of equipment safely
    • New/Uncommon uses for a common piece of gear (opinion piece, not directional how to use)
    • Manufacturing stories
      • Where gear is made
      • How gear is made (comparison and/or explanation)
    • History of (an entire gear type, or a specific product like BD Hotwire, same name totally different carabiner through the years).
    • Personal Gear interactions
      • The history of your gear (how you acquired it, where it’s been, best moments, the life of)
      • A love letter to a piece of gear (or break-up letter)
      • Why you don’t want to replace a piece of gear (specific memories, life-saving moments)
      • The idiosyncrasies of a particular brand and it’s gear (that make you love/hate them)
      • Advice through example

Community Posts

    •  Interviews / story pieces about climbers and climbing businesses
      • Route-setters
      • Business Owners
      • Folks who work at a climbing brand / manufacturer
      • Climbing non-profits

Cliff Notes Posts

    • Complete rundowns of a climbing area (what gear to bring, where to sleep, suggested climbs, etc). 

To start contributing

Send Alison the following:

  • a note lettings us know who you are
  • thoughts about what/where you’d like to contribute
  • ideas for pieces you’d like to write or a piece you’d like to post for review