How Climbing Ropes Are Made

How Climbing Ropes Are Made (at Edelrid)

Earlier this year we travelled to Germany and toured Edelrid's headquarters and rope making facility. We asked…

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Are dry treated ropes really worth it? 1

Are dry treated ropes really worth it?

What are Dry Treated Ropes Made for? Dry treated ropes aren't only for alpine climbing, ice climbing and…

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UIAA Water Repellent Snow Climber

Explained and Debated: UIAA Water Repellent Dry Test

When I first heard there was going to be a UIAA Water Repellent standard I was stoked. Particularly while…

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Header Inspect Climbing Rope

How to Inspect a Climbing Rope (When should I retire my rope?)

Rope inspection will be the most helpful step in determining when to retire your rope. Knowing what to look for…

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Header Lifespan of Climbing Rope

How Many Years Does a Climbing Rope Last?

After hearing loads of contradictory opinions regarding the lifespan of climbing ropes, we wanted to find an…

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All the Ropes on WeighMyRack

All the brands that sell climbing ropes

We list all the brands and manufacturers who sell/make dynamic climbing ropes. The listings are categorized…

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