Stories of climbers and climbing manufacturers.

Links to assist Ukraine

Links to aid the people of Ukraine

This List Will Likely Grow This is not an exhaustive list, only the few organizations we’ve found while searching for reputable places to donate to help the people of…

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cancer update blog header

Brain Tumor Update

Hope is on the horizon for WeighMyRack’s Founder. After receiving radiation and chemo treatment at the University of Washington’s Alvord Brain Tumor Center, things…

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cancer header

A hiatus? Why no new content for a few months?

We’re currently delayed because WeighMyRack’s founder and main writer, Alison Dennis, was diagnosed with brain cancer in September, 2020.  WeighMyRack will…

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Native Land Acknowledgement header

Helpful Resources for a Native Land Acknowledgement

Whenever we (at WeighMyRack) use a specific placename we will also give a Native Land Acknowledgement. We feel it is important to be honest and open about the atrocities…

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WeighMyRack Booklist Reading list

The 40+ Books on our Booklist

We're sharing our booklist here, so you can see what we're reading (we've had many people ask). Most of the books do not specifically cover climbing. But we now understand that…

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Environmental Racism Booklist header

Environmental Racism – 15 Books For Climbers to Read

In April 2020, we weren't yet familiar with the terms: Environmental Racism, Environmental Justice, or Intersectional Environmentalism. Now, we're on a new journey to learn about…

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April Fools Climbing Videos

The Best April Fools Videos : Climber Edition

Our top April Fools picks are listed below - and since there's not many April Fools specific videos from the Outdoor Industry, you'll find a host of other funny outdoor videos…

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DPM Climbing is not trustworthy


Although I'm telling you about DPM Climbing please do not go to DPM's website - more (or sudden) traffic will make Google think it's a good resource. From 2011 to ~2017, DPM…

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how to train for climbing with kids

How to Train for Climbing with Kids

Luckily there already are plenty of articles about climbing and parenting (blogs and magazine articles, and more), and the task seems to be within reach. It takes a bit of…

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climb with cerebral palsy dolomites

How a boy with cerebral palsy climbed the highest peak in the Dolomites

This is a guest post by Pedro McCardell, an adventurer, entrepreneur and filmmaker who is passionate about making the outdoors accessible to everyone. Getúlio Felipe Fernandes…

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An interview with author Ari Schneider 7

An interview with author Ari Schneider

After reading and reviewing Shaded by Stone, I wanted to get to know the author, Ari Schneider, even more. The book was very personal, and it left me with some questions about his…

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Edelrid Sustainability Header

A Look into Sustainability, at Edelrid

Since we started talking directly with climbing manufacturers and brands, we've been asking them tons of questions. We definitely talk most about the new gear they're creating,…

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How Climbing Ropes Are Made

How Climbing Ropes Are Made (at Edelrid)

Earlier this year we travelled to Germany and toured Edelrid’s headquarters and rope making facility. We asked them to walk us through every step of the rope making process…

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Totem Basic Cam Voluntary Recall 8

Totem Basic Cam Voluntary Recall

Totem is voluntarily recalling all Basic cams with serial numbers starting from 1706200 to 1733205. This only affects cams manufactured between Feb 7th and Aug 15th, 2017. This…

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Static Bulletprufe

Two new climbing brands: Static Climbing + Bulletprufe Denim

Bonus: If you're reading this before June 13th you can enter to win a giveaway with goods from both brands! Giveaway details are at the bottom of this post. Since we get all…

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Climbing Trad, in Frankenjura?!?! 9

Climbing Trad, in Frankenjura?!?!

A story of bucking the norm and going for the impossible. Thanks to some small nuts, this tale comes from our favorite, best, and only British guest author Robbie Phillips.   When…

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Made For Climbing Partners with a Big Weight Difference 10

Made For Climbing Partners with a Big Weight Difference

Problem: Climber is significantly heavier than belayer. This causes a handful of issues: Most commonly the danger arises when the heavier climber falls, causing the lighter…

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ReddyYeti Podcast Features WeighMyRack 11

ReddyYeti Podcast Features WeighMyRack

We've been following ReddyYeti for months now. In addition to tons of giveaways from badass outdoor startups, they have a great podcast that interviews the founders of fresh…

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Tales of Booty from a Master Pirate 12

Tales of Booty from a Master Pirate

Over the years we’ve all had wonderful and memorable climbs: hard routes sent, projects completed, magical experiences, terrible climbs where things go wrong, bodies are hurt, or…

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kush climbing bouldering pad interview header

Kush Climbing Bouldering Pads – A Brand in the Making

I first heard about Kush Climbing right around the time their Kickstarter campaign launched. My curiosity was immediately piqued by their vision to create environmentally…

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