This List Will Likely Grow

This is not an exhaustive list, only the few organizations we’ve found while searching for reputable places to donate to help the people of Ukraine. We expect this list to grow as our users and followers share more resources for us to look into.

Nonlethal groups focused on food, medical supplies, housing and refugee needs

Groups that directly assist the Ukraine military with ammunition, weapons, armaments

Links and Resources for BIPOC and LBGTQ+ Refugees

This Linktree of @ksvarnon is a list of tweets containing links for Government and NGO resources assisting refugees from marginalized groups in Ukraine, including Disabled, BIPOC and LBGTQIA.

Insight Ukraine is a NGO that works to support the queer and trans community in Ukraine with legal, psychological and medical support. They are currently raising funds via this Linktree.

Ukrainian Support Supersites

This site is quickly becoming a large repository for all things involving aid to Ukraine. There are separate links for donations, humanitarian aid, protest organization tools, social media posting guides, and more. We haven’t checked every resource here, but can say that everything we’ve checked into so far seems to be driven or created by the Global Shapers Communities in Kyiv and Lviv, with the freedom and safety of the Ukrainian people at heart.

This site was shared with us from a long time friend and contributor to WeighMyRack. It has similar links to the above supersite but is organized differently and includes helpful information for speaking out to NATO, local governments, and organizing protests.