best climbing harness

What is the Best Climbing Harness?

Most ‘Best harness’ lists on the internet suck. This is because they often don’t consider your…

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Climbing Harness Pregnant

Climbing in a Harness While Pregnant

We interviewed climbing moms across the country (US only) and read everything we could find on the internet about…

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Climbing Harnesses Materials

Climbing Harness Materials

What makes harnesses strong enough to keep us safe? And durable enough to stand up to the rigors of climbing…

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Climbing Harness for Kids

Climbing Harnesses for Kids

When it comes to getting kids off the ground on a rope or autobelay, a well fit harness is important for safety…

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Harness Ice Clipper Slots & Ice Clipper Add-ons 19

Harness Ice Clipper Slots & Ice Clipper Add-ons

If you’re ice climbing you’ll likely want a way to hold ice screw(s) on your harness. This is…

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Full Body Harness

What Are Full Body Harnesses?

Full body harness have been used in industry for decades as PPE for professionals working at height, such as steel…

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Harness Belay Loops

What is a Belay Loop on a Harness Used For?

What is a Belay Loop? A belay loop is the main connection point between a climber and their climbing equipment.…

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Gender in Climbing Harnesses

How Does Gender Affect Climbing Harnesses?

Today there are many models of Women’s and Men’s specific harnesses available. How these models differ…

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Harness Buckles - What's the difference? 23

Harness Buckles – What’s the difference?

Harness buckles appear in two main places, on the waistbelt and, usually, on the leg loops (there are fixed leg…

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Understanding Climbing Harness Certification

Is My Harness Safe to Climb in?

One way to know if your harness is actually tested and rated for the task at hand is to check and see if it is…

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Can You Go To The Bathroom With A Harness On? 26

Can You Go To The Bathroom With A Harness On?

Yes, you can go to the bathroom while wearing a climbing harness, in most cases. It all depends if your harness…

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Fixed vs Adjustable Leg Loops: Which is Better? 34

Fixed vs Adjustable Leg Loops: Which is Better?

What does better mean when talking about fixed vs adjustable leg loops? Is it the fit? The range of possibilities?…

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