In this post we explain how many gear loops you might want and the differences between gear loops

Gear Loops and How to Choose

Gear loops may seem simple: they exist on your harness to hold gear. So what are the subtle differences? We go…

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How to Fit a Climbing Harness (for Adults) 18

How to Fit a Climbing Harness (for Adults)

Below, we cover all the details of how to size and fit a climbing harness for the most comfortable experience. In…

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Header Bluesign Certified Harnesses

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Climbing Harnesses

"Sustainable" or "Eco" harnesses are challenging to find. The main reason for the lack of sustainable options is…

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Harness Sizing for all header

Why It’s So Hard To Find A Harness That Fits

Harnesses that don't fall into the typical small-medium-large range are in a state of utter chaos. There are no…

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Big Harnesses Roundup post

The Biggest Rock Climbing Harnesses

In the past it's been challenging to find harnesses that fit well if you need a size bigger than a standard Large.…

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How to Pick The Best Climbing Harness Package 19

How to Pick The Best Climbing Harness Package

The quickest and easiest way for a new climber to gear up is to buy a climbing starter package. These packages…

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Every brand of climbing harnesses

The 38 Brands That Sell Rock Climbing Harnesses

When I asked some new climbing friends to guess how many brands make climbing harnesses the first climber said…

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