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Crag beta and other tips about being on the road.

cancer header

A hiatus? Why no new content for a few months?

We’re currently delayed because WeighMyRack’s founder and main writer, Alison Dennis, was diagnosed with brain cancer in September, 2020.  WeighMyRack will…

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Labor DAY Sales header

Best Climbing Labor Day Sales & Top Deals (in 2020)

Labor Day is one of the best sale periods of the year for climbing gear. It's often better than July 4th sales because the season is coming to a close and retailers want to reduce…

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how to become a Sponsored Climber header

How to Become a Sponsored Climber or get an Expedition Sponsorship

Becoming a sponsored climber is super tough to pull off and each brand has different nuances of what they're looking for. One universal truth is that each brand is pitched…

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Native Land Acknowledgement header

Helpful Resources for a Native Land Acknowledgement

Whenever we (at WeighMyRack) use a specific placename we will also give a Native Land Acknowledgement. We feel it is important to be honest and open about the atrocities…

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Where to resole climbing shoes header

22 Great Places to Resole Your Rock Climbing Shoes (US, Canada)

When it comes to climbing shoes, the #1 best thing you can do for the environment and for your wallet is to repair or resole your shoes (instead of buying a new pair). Shoe repair…

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April Fools Climbing Videos

The Best April Fools Videos : Climber Edition

Our top April Fools picks are listed below - and since there's not many April Fools specific videos from the Outdoor Industry, you'll find a host of other funny outdoor videos…

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Travel Insurance Options La Mojarra Colombia

3 Top Adventure Travel Insurances For Your Next Rock Climbing Trip

This guest post is by Jacob Bushmaker, an international climber, and author of the The Wandering Climber. The cover photo is climbing El Diente de Oro in La Mojarra, Colombia.…

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Reslinging Cams

The 9 Best Places to Resling Cams (Black Diamond, Metolius, DMM, Wild Country, Trango)

WeighMyRack does not resling cams or replace trigger wires, but we know a lot of great folks who do! The best place to resling cams Original Manufacturer (like Metolius, Totem,…

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Why are we REI coop members

The Real Benefits of REI Co-op Membership (It’s Worth it)

Living on the road, ping-ponging across the country, we stop by tons of local gear shops. There is no better way to learn about a local area than chatting up a gear shop employee.…

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REI 2018 Labor day sale

The 10 Best REI Climbing Roadtrip Sales

As long-time coop members ourselves, it's hard to deny that REI provides a great service for the outdoor community. We love, and have utilized, their generous product guarantee.…

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Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants Review

Outdoor Research Ferrosi: Pants Review

Although I've liked Outdoor Research as a brand, I haven't owned much OR gear, primarily because I worked at Patagonia for a couple of years and now have enough jackets and…

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3rd Rock Ramblas Pants Review (1)

3rd Rock Ramblas Rock Climbing Pants Review

3rd Rock is a core climbing brand making apparel for climbers. They're not a lifestyle brand looking to sell skinny jeans to urban hipsters who might, someday, check out a…

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Ultimate Gear Stashes - Part 1 - WeighmyRack

Behind the Scenes: WeighMyRack’s Gear Stash

We regularly get asked about the gear we choose to use, and we're here to answer that question. Since we live on the road and our space is limited, our gear volume fluctuates…

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How Climbing Ropes Are Made

How Climbing Ropes Are Made (at Edelrid)

Earlier this year we travelled to Germany and toured Edelrid's headquarters and rope making facility. We asked them to walk us through every step of the rope making process and…

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Climbing Trad, in Frankenjura?!?! 1

Climbing Trad, in Frankenjura?!?!

A story of bucking the norm and going for the impossible. Thanks to some small nuts, this tale comes from our favorite, best, and only British guest author Robbie Phillips.   When…

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How to Find Internet While Working From the Road 2

How to Find Internet While Working From the Road

How do you find reliable internet when you live on the road? This is one of our most-asked questions when folks dive into the details of our lifestyle. This is definitely the…

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ReddyYeti Podcast Features WeighMyRack 3

ReddyYeti Podcast Features WeighMyRack

We've been following ReddyYeti for months now. In addition to tons of giveaways from badass outdoor startups, they have a great podcast that interviews the founders of fresh…

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tips to keep crags open header

Indoor and Outdoor Climbing – Are there rules? Why? Really?

When it comes to hard and fast rules in climbing, there aren’t actually too many of them. And in a way, that’s why we love it: The freedom to tackle a route or problem how we want…

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4 on the road essentials

Mobile Office Work Setup

We get a lot of questions regarding how we work while living on the road. Today, we're sharing our mobile work setup. For the past 2+ years we've been working from the road in our…

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Valley Walls by Glen Denny: Book Review 4

Valley Walls by Glen Denny: Book Review

When Valley Walls arrived gratis from the publisher, the first thing I noticed was the high quality appearance. The clean cover and 80 lb. matte coated text stock feel smooth to…

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