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Choosing the right climbing shoe

Choosing the Right Climbing Shoe

One thing we talk about a lot at WeighMyRack is just how complicated shoes are. When we research a piece of gear,…

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Climbing Shoe Downturn

How Much Downturn Do You Need?

When comparing the performance of one climbing shoe to another, one of the words you often hear is downturn. From…

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Climbing Shoe Asymmetry

High Asymmetry vs Low Asymmetry : Which is Best?

Climbers often talk about asymmetry when comparing climbing shoes, but what does it mean exactly? Ultimately…

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Climbing shoe construction

How Climbing Shoes are Made

The process of making a climbing shoe takes many steps, all of which are performed by hand. We cover the building…

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Climbing Shoe Size Ranges

Climbing Shoe Size Ranges

Rock climbing is only possible to do well when you have a shoe that fits your foot. Climbing shoe size ranges are…

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Velcro vs Lace vs Slipper : Which Closure is Best? 9

Velcro vs Lace vs Slipper : Which Closure is Best?

When you look at a big wall of shoes, one of the most obvious differences is the closure: velcro, lace, or…

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What is PPE in Rock Climbing? 10

What is PPE in Rock Climbing?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. In the climbing world, PPE is gear that directly impacts your…

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Unlined VS Lined Shoes 16

Unlined VS Lined Shoes

Generally speaking, a lined or unlined shoe will not make a huge difference in your climbing experience. However…

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leather vs eco leather vs synthetic materials - what are the benefits?

Leather vs Synthetic Climbing Shoes – Which is Best?

Synthetic materials are getting closer and closer to mimicking leather and have even mastered some aspects of…

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Why Are Climbing Shoes so Expensive? 23

Why Are Climbing Shoes so Expensive?

Climbing shoes feel expensive. They’re now about even with the price of a rope. In the 70’s (when…

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All The Vegan Climbing Shoes 24

All The Vegan Climbing Shoes

There are currently more vegan climbing shoes available than ever before. This is thanks mostly to the fact that…

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Should I use a daisy or pas

Do I Use a Daisy Chain or a PAS?

First things to know: Daisies (aka daisy chains) are used for aid climbing to assist in stability and positioning.…

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All The 17 Brands That Make And Sell Daisy Chains 27

All The 17 Brands That Make And Sell Daisy Chains

Below you'll find all the brands that make/sell daisy chains. Daisy chains are most often used while aid climbing…

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Daisy Chain

What is a Daisy Chain?

A daisy or daisy chain is a sewn piece of gear that aid climbers use to connect themselves temporarily to a piece…

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All The 19 Brands That Make And Sell Personal Anchors 32

All The 19 Brands That Make And Sell Personal Anchors

We’ve researched all the brands that are selling Personal Anchors and list them below (you can see and…

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Personal Anchor Systems Features

Personal Anchor System (PAS) Features Explained

There are a ton of options for Personal Anchor Systems available today. So what are some reasons why you…

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Every Type of PAS Personal Anchor

What is a PAS (Personal Anchor System)?

PAS is an acronym for Personal Anchor System that refers to a sewn piece of gear a climber uses to connect…

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Alternatives to the PAS

Alternatives to a PAS

Many climbers choose to forego the PAS (Personal Anchor System) and instead connect themselves to anchors and…

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In this post we explain how many gear loops you might want and the differences between gear loops

Gear Loops and How to Choose

Gear loops may seem simple: they exist on your harness to hold gear. So what are the subtle differences? We go…

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Top 3 mechanical belay devices

Top 3 Most Wanted and Most Owned Mechanical Belay Devices

When we check the WeighMyRack database for the most wanted and owned tube belay devices by WeighMyRack users we…

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