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Carabiner Gate Opening

Carabiner Gate Openings Explained

What is a carabiners gate opening? Gate opening refers to the distance between a carabiner’s nose and the…

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Carabiner Gate Flutter Gate Shutter

Gate Flutter and Gate Shutter Explained

There are two types of scenarios that will unintentionally cause a carabiner’s gate to open, gate flutter…

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Which Belay Device

What Type of Belay Device Do I Use?

Depending on the style and location of your climbing, you’ll have different expectations from your belay…

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Tools needed to effectively clean and maintain a carabiner

How to Clean, Maintain, and When to Retire Carabiners

A carabiner can last much longer than most climbers usually keep them (well over 15 years). Often new gear is so…

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when to retire carabiner header

8 Reasons It’s Time To Retire Your Carabiners

Carabiners are incredibly strong. They can easily last 10, 15, 20 years or even a lifetime when properly…

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Choosing Belay Carabiner

What’s the Best Belay Carabiner?

Carabiners used for belaying and/or were designed to be used for belaying are most often called belay carabiners.…

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The Best Locking Carabiner: How to Pick? 11

The Best Locking Carabiner: How to Pick?

Locking carabiners come in 2 main styles: screw gate (where you manually “screw” or twist part of the…

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Guide Mode Belay Device

Do I Need a Belay Device with Guide Mode?

What is Guide Mode? Guide mode is when a belay device attaches directly to an anchor, and the climber is belayed…

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Belay Device Types Explained

The 5 Belay Device Types Explained

Most climbers own 1-3 belay devices, and use different devices depending on the type of climbing, rope thickness,…

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Do I Need Assisted Braking?

Do I Need Assisted Braking?

Across the spectrum of belay devices, there are many design features that help belayers catch falling climbers.…

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Best Climbing Rope

What’s the Best Climbing Rope?

Determining the best climbing rope for your needs often comes down to where you’re climbing and what type of…

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Rope Sheath Slippage

What is Rope Sheath Slippage?

Rope sheath slippage is when the outer core and the inner sheath of a rope move or stretch separately from each…

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How Climbing Ropes Are Made

How Climbing Ropes Are Made (at Edelrid)

In 2017 we travelled to Germany and spent a few weeks at Edelrid’s headquarters and rope making facility. We…

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How to Clean A Climbing Rope 26

How to Clean A Climbing Rope

There are 2 main ways to clean a climbing rope: hand wash in a tub (or container) of water or wash in the washing…

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How Strong is Climbing Rope

Is rope strong enough to climb on?

All ropes that are made, tested, and certified (by the UIAA/CE) for recreational climbing are plenty strong for…

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Top 3 mechanical belay devices

Top 3 Most Wanted and Most Owned Mechanical Belay Devices

When we check the WeighMyRack database for the most wanted and owned mechanical belay devices (tube style belay…

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The Ideal Rope Length 32

The Ideal Rope Length

Rope length and rope diameter are two of the most important characteristics when choosing a climbing rope. On…

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Are Dry Treated Ropes Really Worth It? 34

Are Dry Treated Ropes Really Worth It?

What are Dry Treated Ropes Made for? Dry treated ropes are designed for ice climbing, alpine climbing,…

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Rope Middle Marks Compared & Explained 41

Rope Middle Marks Compared & Explained

What are rope middle marks, how are they made, and are they worth the extra cost? Read on to find out. What is a…

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What's the Best Climbing Rope Diameter? 42

What’s the Best Climbing Rope Diameter?

Rope diameter and rope length are two of the biggest decisions to make when buying a rope. Is a bigger or smaller…

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