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The Ideal Rope Length 5

The Ideal Rope Length

Rope length and rope diameter are two of the most important characteristics when choosing a climbing rope. On…

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What's the Best Climbing Rope Diameter? 6

What’s the Best Climbing Rope Diameter?

Rope diameter and rope length are two of the biggest decisions to make when buying a rope. Is a bigger or smaller…

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Dynamic Rope vs Static Rope, which is for Rock Climbing? 12

Dynamic Rope vs Static Rope, which is for Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing, indoors or outdoors, requires a dynamic rope. A dynamic rope is made to stretch and ease the impact…

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What type of Carabiner do you need?

What Type of Carabiners Do You Need?

Carabiners are the most multi-functional pieces of gear that climbers use. The vast majority of models can serve…

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to keylock or not to keylock

How to Find the Best Most Snag-free Carabiner

Most climbers assume a keylock carabiner is the best. But, it’s not fair to judge the snag-free merits of a…

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Approach Shoes to Fit Every Foot

Fitting Approach Shoes for Any Foot

When scrambling or technical climbing the sticky rubber and supportive midsoles of an approach shoe really kick…

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Non-locking Carabiner Gates

Gate Types for Non-Locking Carabiners

Non-locking carabiners come in all shapes and sizes. Another big difference are all the configurations that the…

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all the carabiner shapes explained and exposed

Picking the Best Carabiner by Shape

We could have made this blogpost one sentence: The majority of your non-locking carabiners will be Offset D…

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Locking Carabiners vs Non-Locking Carabiners

Locking Vs Non-Locking Carabiners

All carabiners are made of at least 2 basic parts: an aluminum or steel body, and a spring-loaded gate or gates…

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Auto-locking carabiners

Auto-Locking Carabiners: Do you need them?

Auto-locking carabiner design has seen unprecedented change in the last decade, doubling in the amount of…

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Carabiner Strengths

Ensure your Carabiner is Strong Enough to Climb on

To ensure your new carabiner is strong enough to use rock climbing, make sure it is CE and/or UIAA certified from…

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best climbing harness

What is the Best Climbing Harness?

Most ‘Best harness’ lists on the internet suck. This is because they often don’t consider your…

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Climbing Harness Pregnant

Climbing in a Harness While Pregnant

We interviewed climbing moms across the country (US only) and read everything we could find on the internet about…

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Climbing Harnesses Materials

Climbing Harness Materials

What makes harnesses strong enough to keep us safe? And durable enough to stand up to the rigors of climbing…

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How to Properly Fit A Climbing Helmet 47

How to Properly Fit A Climbing Helmet

Climbing helmets are designed and certified to protect your head from rockfall or other falling (or dropped)…

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Climbing Harness for Kids

Climbing Harnesses for Kids

When it comes to getting kids off the ground on a rope or autobelay, a well fit harness is important for safety…

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Harness Ice Clipper Slots & Ice Clipper Add-ons 55

Harness Ice Clipper Slots & Ice Clipper Add-ons

If you’re ice climbing you’ll likely want a way to hold ice screw(s) on your harness. This is…

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Full Body Harness

What Are Full Body Harnesses?

Full body harness have been used in industry for decades as PPE for professionals working at height, such as steel…

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Harness Belay Loops

What is a Belay Loop on a Harness Used For?

What is a Belay Loop? A belay loop is the main connection point between a climber and their climbing equipment.…

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Gender in Climbing Harnesses

How Does Gender Affect Climbing Harnesses?

Today there are many models of Women’s and Men’s specific harnesses available. How these models differ…

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