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How Climbing Ropes Are Made

How Climbing Ropes Are Made (at Edelrid)

Earlier this year we travelled to Germany and toured Edelrid's headquarters and rope making facility. We asked…

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How to clean your cams

When and How to Clean Cams (SLCD’s)

When to clean your camsWhen their performance starts to decrease you hear grinding the mechanisms feels sticky,…

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20-20 gear hindsight

How To Save Money Buying Climbing Gear

Liz here to share some key tips about how to save money buying gear. I've been calling this: The Hindsight is…

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remodeling for climbers

Ideas For Climbers To Keep In Mind When Remodeling

Kaitlin here to share some remodeling tips when it comes to creating a rock climber's dream house. As every…

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Are dry treated ropes really worth it? 1

Are dry treated ropes really worth it?

What are Dry Treated Ropes Made for? Dry treated ropes aren't only for alpine climbing, ice climbing and…

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How to Make Your Own Nut Tool 2

How to Make Your Own Nut Tool

In previous posts we've covered the basics of how to Booty Gear stuck in a crack. This process works well for any…

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Want More Booty

Quick and Dirty Tips on How to Booty Gear

Whether you are an alpine, sport, or trad climber, gear is expensive, and despite best intentions and skill,…

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Harness Sizing for all header

Why It’s So Hard To Find A Harness That Fits

Harnesses that don't fall into the typical small-medium-large range are in a state of utter chaos. There are no…

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Big Harnesses Roundup post

The Biggest Rock Climbing Harnesses

In the past it's been challenging to find harnesses that fit well if you need a size bigger than a standard Large.…

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tips to keep crags open header

Indoor and Outdoor Climbing – Are there rules? Why? Really?

When it comes to hard and fast rules in climbing, there aren’t actually too many of them. And in a way, that’s why…

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Solid Gate Carabiner header

Finding the Best Strength to Weight Ratio

Recently we've been deep in gear data, searching for trends and looking for new ways to visualize climbing gear.…

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The Top 10 Best Looking Helmets (from 10,000+ votes) 3

The Top 10 Best Looking Helmets (from 10,000+ votes)

WeighMyRack set up a comparison test, à la Hot or Not, of 144 helmets. Tens of thousands of votes were cast as…

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multi use helmets

13 Multi-use Climbing Helmets for Climbing and Skiing

This question is everywhere, "Can I use my climbing helmet for skiing?" The answer, as usual, has caveats. But, in…

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How to Pick The Best Climbing Harness Package 4

How to Pick The Best Climbing Harness Package

The quickest and easiest way for a new climber to gear up is to buy a climbing starter package. These packages…

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Sling Widths Header

Everything There is to Know About Sling Widths

Slings are often chosen based on factors other than width alone, and those factors can dramatically narrow down…

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Every brand of climbing harnesses

The 38 Brands That Sell Rock Climbing Harnesses

When I asked some new climbing friends to guess how many brands make climbing harnesses the first climber said…

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Sling Materials Explained 5

Sling Materials Explained

You've seen all the sling choices and aren't sure: Dyneema, Spectra, Dynex or Nylon. This post dives quickly into…

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The 23 brands that sell Ice Axes and/or Ice Tools

We've scoured the globe to list all the brands and manufacturers that make and sell ice axes and ice tools. Every…

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How to Avoid Smelly Shoes 6

How to Avoid Smelly Shoes

There is a lot of conflicting information available about how to reduce or eliminate shoe smells. This post aims…

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How Climbing Shoes are Made 7

How Climbing Shoes are Made

There are 2 main methods to make climbing shoes: slip-last and board-last construction. Slip-lasted shoes are by…

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