Sustainable climbing gear and best practices in the climbing world.

Personal Anchor Systems Features

Personal Anchor System (PAS) Features Explained

There are a ton of options for Personal Anchor Systems available today. So what are some reasons why you might choose one over another? This post dives into each of the…

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How to Recycle and Upcycle Climbing Slings 1

How to Recycle and Upcycle Climbing Slings

It seems that you should be able to recycle nylon slings, just like you can recycle nylon climbing ropes. The difference is that slings are rarely made entirely out of nylon. Most…

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how to upcycle and recycle carabiners headr

How to Recycle and Upcycle Used Carabiners

We've written a whole lot about when to retire carabiners, but what do you do with those old, broken, and worn pieces of aluminum and steel? This post goes over some of the…

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resole repair recycle upcycle donate sell climbing shoes

How to Recycle, Resole, Upcycle, Sell, or Donate Your Climbing Shoes

In this post we cover all the best options for what to do with climbing shoes that you no longer use. Whether you stopped using them because they’re worn or about to get a…

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Where to resole climbing shoes header

Great Places to Resole Your Rock Climbing Shoes (US, Canada)

When it comes to climbing shoes, the #1 best thing you can do for the environment and for your wallet is to repair or resole your shoes (instead of buying a new pair). Shoe repair…

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Environmental Racism Booklist header

Environmental Racism – 15 Books For Climbers to Read

In April 2020, we weren't yet familiar with the terms: Environmental Racism, Environmental Justice, or Intersectional Environmentalism. Now, we're on a new journey to learn about…

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Header REI Sustainable climbing slings

The 7 Most Sustainable Climbing Slings

Edelrid and Mammut were the first two companies to take extra measures to ensure their slings were bluesign® certified. They worked closely with bluesign® to create certified…

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REI sustainable gear sale

REI Sales Guide to the Most Sustainable Climbing Gear

This guide was created to help you use your 20% off REI member coupon. (Are you a member? If not, this post goes over the benefits). It is likely that when you read this post, the…

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Header Sustainable Climbing Shoes

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Climbing Shoes

There are a few features that make climbing shoes more eco-friendly and/or sustainably made. One of the most sustainable efforts you can make is to resole your climbing shoes…

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Header Bluesign Certified Harnesses

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Climbing Harnesses

"Sustainable" or "Eco" harnesses are challenging to find. The main reason for the lack of sustainable options is because harnesses are made of a mix of textile, foam, and metals.…

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Sustainable Eco Climbing Ropes

The Most Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Climbing Ropes

The most eco-friendly ropes on the market today are Bluesign-certified, have PFC-free waterproof coatings, and/or are made of “recycled” material. Bluesign Ropes…

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3rd party certifications

The 5 Best Sustainability Certifications for Climbing Gear Companies

There are no UIAA or CE certifications, tests, or requirements for sustainability or eco-friendly efforts in climbing gear. Some companies are measuring, tracking, and reducing…

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Reslinging Cams

The 9 Best Places to Resling Cams (Black Diamond, Metolius, DMM, Wild Country, Trango)

WeighMyRack does not resling cams or replace trigger wires, but we know a lot of great folks who do! The best place to resling cams Original Manufacturer (like Metolius, Totem,…

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Cam resling FAQs

Resling Cams : When, Why, Where, How

How often should you resling cams? Manufacturers say to resling cams about every 5 years, or more often if you climb a lot, or whip a lot. Many manufacturers do not support cams…

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Edelrid Sustainability Header

A Look into Sustainability, at Edelrid

Since we started talking directly with climbing manufacturers and brands, we've been asking them tons of questions. We definitely talk most about the new gear they're creating,…

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kush climbing bouldering pad interview header

Kush Climbing Bouldering Pads – A Brand in the Making

I first heard about Kush Climbing right around the time their Kickstarter campaign launched. My curiosity was immediately piqued by their vision to create environmentally…

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Brandon VLine US Made Bouldeing Pads

V Line: Made in the USA

It can be a challenge to find equipment manufacturers that keep all their production here in the US. A lot of the small US companies fly just under the radar, missing all the…

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