This guide was created to help you use your 20% off REI member coupon. (Are you a member? If not, this post goes over the benefits). It is likely that when you read this post, the coupon code will not be available, but it still lists out all the most sustainable ways to shop for climbing gear, sale or not.

The Most Sustainable Ways to Shop the Sale

The most sustainable way to use your 20% off coupon is to buy sustainable [climbing] gear, and we’re listing the options:

Climbing shoes made with Eco Leather

Eco leather is leather that does not use metals in the tanning process. Eco leather is biodegradable, where traditional leather is not due to the typical tanning process.

Sustainable Shoes SCARPA La Sportiva

Climbing shoes with Hemp Footbeds

Many shoes use leather or other synthetic materials like microfibers for the footbeds. Hemp is a natural material, and a natural anti-microbial. Most manufacturers don’t use it because it costs more, and/or because the fibers are less fine than other synthetics and microfibers.

Butora Hemp shoes

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Harneses that are certified bluesign® PRODUCTS

It is quite hard to certify a harness as a bluesign® PRODUCT. This is because the certification guarantees the whole supply chain to make that harness is following chemical, environmental, and human standards. A harness is comprised of 30-50 parts and 20-30 different materials. Each of the suppliers involved in those parts (and the sub-suppliers, like a company who dyes a material) all need to be monitored and approved by bluesign before it can be certified a bluesign® PRODUCT.

Edelrid Harnesses

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Ropes that are bluesign® PRODUCTS

Edelrid and Mammut really led the way with bluesign ropes – they teamed up together to encourage bluesign to certify the rope fibers – ensuring that the fibers are made in the most responsible way for employees, the environment, and the end-user. There are actually very few suppliers of the base fibers/yarns for ropes, so the ripple effect of Edelrid and Mammut spending the time and money to certify those fibers, is felt across the industry.

Bluesign Ropes

Ropes with nylon that is bluesign® certified

PFC Free Water Treatments

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