What type of Carabiner do you need?

What Type of Carabiners Do You Need?

Carabiners are the most multi-functional pieces of gear that climbers use. The vast majority of models can serve…

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to keylock or not to keylock

How to Find the Best Most Snag-free Carabiner

Most climbers assume a keylock carabiner is the best. But, it’s not fair to judge the snag-free merits of a…

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Non-locking Carabiner Gates

Gate Types for Non-Locking Carabiners

Non-locking carabiners come in all shapes and sizes. Another big difference are all the configurations that the…

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all the carabiner shapes explained and exposed

Picking the Best Carabiner by Shape

We could have made this blogpost one sentence: The majority of your non-locking carabiners will be Offset D…

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Locking Carabiners vs Non-Locking Carabiners

Locking Vs Non-Locking Carabiners

All carabiners are made of at least 2 basic parts: an aluminum or steel body, and a spring-loaded gate or gates…

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Auto-locking carabiners

Auto-Locking Carabiners: Do you need them?

Auto-locking carabiner design has seen unprecedented change in the last decade, doubling in the amount of…

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Carabiner Strengths

Ensure your Carabiner is Strong Enough to Climb on

To ensure your new carabiner is strong enough to use rock climbing, make sure it is CE and/or UIAA certified from…

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how to upcycle and recycle carabiners headr

How to Recycle and Upcycle Used Carabiners

We've written a whole lot about when to retire carabiners, but what do you do with those old, broken, and worn…

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when to retire carabiner header

8 Reasons It’s Time To Retire Your Carabiners

Carabiners are incredibly strong. They can easily last 10, 15, 20 years or even a lifetime when properly…

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best carabiners for anchors

The Best Locking Carabiners for Anchoring in Hangers and Chains

Guest Author and Gear Geek Khoi Chau here to talk about the nuances of locking carabiners. Belay carabiners aside,…

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Solid Gate Carabiner header

Finding the Best Strength to Weight Ratio

Recently we've been deep in gear data, searching for trends and looking for new ways to visualize climbing gear.…

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Carabiner Gate Opening

Carabiner Gate Openings Explained

What is a carabiners gate opening? Gate opening refers to the distance between a carabiner's nose and the fully…

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