Five Ten Anasizi Pro sticks to walls

5.10 Anasazi Pro: A Climbing Shoe Review from a La Sportiva Fanboy

Something I need to get off my chest before I get into the nitty gritty here: I am a La Sportiva Fanboy. There, I…

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resole repair recycle upcycle donate sell climbing shoes

How to Recycle, Resole, Upcycle, Sell, or Donate Your Climbing Shoes

In this post we cover all the best options for what to do with climbing shoes that you no longer use. Whether you…

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Header Sustainable Climbing Shoes

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Climbing Shoes

There are a few features that make climbing shoes more eco-friendly and/or sustainably made. One of the most…

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How to Avoid Smelly Shoes 1

How to Avoid Smelly Shoes

There is a lot of conflicting information available about how to reduce or eliminate shoe smells. This post aims…

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How Climbing Shoes are Made 2

How Climbing Shoes are Made

There are 2 main methods to make climbing shoes: slip-last and board-last construction. Slip-lasted shoes are by…

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