WeighMyRack does not resling cams or replace trigger wires, but we know a lot of great folks who do!

The best place to resling cams

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The best place to replace trigger wires


About our recommendations

Generally, we suggest sending cams back to the original manufacturer, especially in the case of Metolius. In addition to the requested repair, Metolius provides an incredible service that includes cleaning, lubing, and tuning, for cheap. And, nobody knows cams better than the makers when it comes to a full inspection.

That said, the third party guys are on point – they’re reslinging not inspecting. If you’re reslinging cams from multiple brands, you can save money on shipping and send them all to a third party reslinger like Runout Customs (our top pick). Many other options are listed below.

Pro/Con of using the original manufacturer

The original manufacturer will check to make sure the gear is up to par by their inspection. If they don’t feel it meets their safety standards, they may return your cam in an unusable condition, for your safety. This inspection ensures an extra level of safety, but it can also be really frustrating if you don’t agree with their diagnosis. The third party guys do not inspect the product as such, they are only doing the service of reslinging or replacing trigger wires, and will not render your cam useless. They may refuse to do the work, but they’ll ship your equipment back if that’s the case.

Insurance Note

We strongly suggest sending your cams in with insurance, and requesting insurance on the route back (many of the companies below require this anyway). It is not common for packages to be lost, but no reslinging company will be able to bail you out if the mail service loses your package. It would be worth paying for a “signature required” for your return shipment.

International Note

To avoid being charged duties and taxes – you must list the origin of goods as “USA” and that the items are “used” and sent in for “repair” on the Customs Declaration.

We’ve included a few more questions/answers here: https://blog.weighmyrack.com/how-often-to-resling-cams/

Original Manufacturers

metolius logo

The best option for Metolius cams. Metolius provide a HELLUVA service, for cheap. Sadly, they will only service Metolius cams.

  • $3 for new slings which includes: Cleaning, Lube, Tuning, and new Nylon/ Dyneema Slings
  • $5 for trigger wires
  • Return shipping is $10 for UPS Ground in the USA. Return shipping to Canada is $20 for UPS Expedited. Canadian Customs may add additional fees to cams returned to Canada. For 25 cams or more, shipping charges will vary according to UPS fees.
  • Turnaround is timely, 1-2 weeks including return shipping

The process: Download the cam repair form and then call the Metolius customer service line at (541) 382-7585 to request a Return Authorization Number. Write the RA# on top of your form and on the outside of the box. Then ship it on to us at Metolius at:

Metolius Climbing
63189 Nels Anderson Rd.
Bend, Oregon 97701

Communication: Metolius will not contact you when they recieve your cams. They will contact you if your cams need more work. They will email you a UPS tracking number when they ship our your cams.


black diamond logo

Black Diamond will only service Black Diamond cams.

  • $8 for new slings (no additional cam service)
  • $15 for trigger wires
  • Return shipping fees calculated when you check out
  • Turnout times vary greatly, 1-3 weeks on average, but up to 7 weeks has been reported

Note: Do it yourself trigger kits for BD cams can be found here: http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en/climbing/spare-parts

The process: Go to Black Diamonds site and add to cart your reslings and/or trigger wire repair quantities. A week or so after checking out, BD will send you a shipping address and authorization number. Find all the info and the checkout pages here: https://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US/climbing%2Fspare-parts-camalot_service.html

Communication: BD will keep you in the loop when the slings arrive at the warehouse and when they leave the warehouse.


DMM Logo

DMM will service DMM Cams and Torque Nuts only and is the only UK service we know about.

  • £12.00 Cam service which includes: inspection, clean & lube, new trigger wires, and new sling
  • £4.50 Torque Nut resling which includes: Inspection and new sling
  • Return postage included in the price (for UK only, international is extra)
  • Turnaround is 1-4 weeks + return shipping

The process: Head to DMM’s site (https://dmmclimbing.com/About/Returns-Servicing-Repairs) to find the cam and nut form to fill out. Ship the goods, and DMM will send you an invoice when the service is complete. Pay the invoice and get your cams back.

Communication: DMM will send you an invoice when the repair is complete.

Totem Cam logo

Totem Cams will service Totem Cams and Basic cams, and ship worldwide.

  • Totem Cam resling: 6€ (includes cam clean and lube)
  • Basic cam resling: 3€ (includes cam clean and lube)
  • Totem Cam trigger wire: 6€ (includes cam clean and lube)
  • Basic cam trigger wire: 8€ (include cam clean and lube)
  • Totem Cam spring replacement: 14€ (includes trigger wire rope replacement and cam clean and lube)
  • Return postage starts at Europe: 8€, rest of the world: 10€ (email info@totemcams.com for costs.
  • Turnaround is 1 week, plus return shipping. For North America, the repaired cams will be sent to the country with the first stock reposition (about 1x a month). Once the cam arrives at that warehouse, you’ll get more info about delivery time.

The process: Head to Totem’s site (https://www.totemmt.com/totem-cam-repairs/), to find the cam repair form to fill out. Ship the cams, and Totem will send you an invoice once the cam is repaired. Pay the invoice and the cams will make their way back to you.

Communication: Unknown, we’re looking into this.

Wild Country

They do not repair their own cams.

Third Party Options

Runout Customs (our top pick – fast, dependable, best prices)

Runout Customs nylon sling replacement
Reinforced Nylon loop
Runout Customs dyneema loop
Dyneema single loop

Runout Customs comes with the finest comments about Luke and his meticulous work, including on nitpicky forums. Not only is this who Nomad Ventures recommends but we’ve literally met climbers all over the world who recommend his services. Luke has his own pull-tester and has nearly every color of ~15mm Nylon (varies by manufacturer) and 14mm Dyneema. Luke is also a fabulous community member who has supported many rebolting projects in Moab.


  • Nylon open loop – $6
  • Nylon reinforced loop – $7
  • Dyneema open loop -$ 7
  • Dyneema reinforced loop – $ 7.5
  • Dyneema double loop – $8.5
  • Totem cams – $10
  • Hooks -$5
  • Trigger repair (most cams, except Totem’s, OP Link Cams & Kevlar wires) – $10
  • Trigger repair (Aliens) – $13

Turnaround: Typically 1-5 days + return shipping

The Process: Label each cam with sling type and color / trigger request. Fill out the form on Runout Customs (https://www.runoutcustoms.com/cam-repair–resling.html). Then drop your gear off at GearHeads in Moab (in-season), or send cams:

via USPS
Runout Customs
PO BOX 267
Fruita, CO 81521

A Paypal invoice will be sent when the job is completed and will include return shipping (default is USPS unless otherwise specified, insurance recommended but not required).

Mountain Tools (best for a wide variety of slinging needs)

mountain tools resling cam service

Mountain Tools is the only US dealer to resling new DMM Demons and Dragons. Recommended by C.A.M.P. CCH, DMM, Trango, and Wild Country. These guys will sling most anything, cams, nuts, hexes, and hooks, and they don’t give you a hard time about the age of your gear. They’ll replace slings with Ultratape™ or 15mm Climb Spec (Nylon like the original Camalot webbing). Larry, the owner of Mtn Tools, has been in the business for about 40 years, including fulfilling all the Chouinard mail orders for 2 years back in the day.


  • Open Loop (4.5-5.5″) – 15mm Nylon $7.5, 12mm Ultratape $8
  • Reinforced open loop (4.5-5.5″) – 15mm Nylon $8.5, 12mm Ultratape $9
  • Double Loop (8-12″) – 15mm Nylon $10.5, 12mm Ultratape $11
  • DMM Demons & Dragons & Torque Nuts – 8mm Dyneema $19
  • Tricams – 15mm Nylon $11 / $13 depending on size
  • Chocks (7-12″ loop) – 12mm Ultratape $11
  • Wedge Nuts (6-10″ loop) – 12mm Ultratape $11
  • Hooks & Fifi’s (3″ loop, 4 tacks) – 15mm Nylon $5, 12mm Ultratape $5.5
  • Captive Eye ‘Biners (4-6″ dogbone) – 15mm Nylon $9, 12mm Ultratape $9.5
  • Pitons / Ice Hooks (4″ reinforced loop) – 12mm Ultratape $9
  • Inquire about Trigger cam replacement, depends on the workload
  • They also sell BD Trigger kits
  • no Totem cams

Turnaround: 2-4 work days + return shipping

The process: Print the order form (https://www.mtntools.com/online_order_form.htm) and include all the details of sling size and color. Cut off old slings. To ensure your order is done correctly, it helps to label each item with directions (ie masking tape, out of the way of the resling area). Securely pack your cams with no peanuts or styrofoam (use newspaper or bubblewrap). Ship with insurance to:

via Fed Ex or UPS 
Mountain Tools – Resling Service
3845 Via Nona Marie – 222295
Carmel, CA 93923-9998

via postal mail / USPS  
Mountain Tools – Resling Service
PO Box 222295
Carmel, CA 93922-2295

You’ll be charged once the service is completed and return shipping is known.

Yates (fastest reslinger + tied for best pricing)

Yates reslings nearly all cams including Wild Country, DMM, Aliens, Metolius, Totem, and Black Diamond. They do not sling cams janky looking cams (the official rule is 10+ years old but that’s more of a guideline). 11/16 Nylon Webbing and 14mm Spectra® Webbing is available (they do not carry 12mm Dyneema).

  • $6 Single loop 4.5″ sling
  • $7 double length sling 4-8″
  • no trigger repairs
  • return shipping depends on number of cams/location
  • as of 2019, they resling cams within 24-48 hours of receiving them

The process: Fill out the order Worksheet on their site (scroll to the bottom of this page: http://www.yatesgear.com/climbing/slings/index.htm), print the worksheet and include it when you send the cams (mark the cams as requested in the PDF) to:

YATES Gear Inc.
2608 Hartnell Ave. Suite 6
Redding, CA 96002

Your credit card will be billed once the service is complete and they know the return postage.

Communication: If you include your email address on the PDF form they’ll email you the tracking number when they ship out the cams.

Ragged Mountain Equipment (East coast option)

Ragged Mountain is located in Intervale, New Hampshire. They’ll resling camming units with stout 11/16″ supertape, bartacked into 6″ loops (they don’t have Dyneema/Spectra and they don’t do reinforced loops). They do have limited options (no Dyneema/Spectra, no reinforced loops, no double loops, no trigger wires) and their turnaround time can be longer than the others.

  • $6 per resling
  • no trigger wire repairs
  • return shipping is calculated when you order the resling option (based on number of cams/location)
  • 1-2 week turnaround time + return shipping

Process: Drop-off in store, or pre-order the work through their website (https://raggedmountain.com/cam-resling-service). The online checkout process will also calculate the return shipping. Once you’re checked out you can ship to:

Ragged Mountain Equipment
PO Box 130
279 NH Route 16
Intervale NH 03845.

Communication: They’ll communicate with you when they ship out the cams (with whatever info you entered on the order form, email or phone).

Fish (for unique solutions)

Fish owner Russ no longer specializes in reslinging cams or trigger wires (aka, it’s not worth this time). He can do it, but he might not have the perfect sling color replacement anymore. BUT, he will sling just about anything, so if you have super old sketchy gear that nobody else will sling, he’s your man. Just tell Russ that, “nobody else will do it” and that you need his help. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in some extra bucks as a thank you. Rated #5 because this should be your last choice.

Process: Check out pricing and rules here: http://fishproducts.com/catalog/repairs.html then fill out the order form here: http://www.fishproducts.com/catalog/orderform.html, then send your gear to Russ.

Turnaround: Variable

Communication: Limited unless needed

Favorite Russ quote: “94.896% of the tricams we got in for reslinging DID NOT NEED NEW SLINGS. I just loved cutting off a real strong sling to put on a weaker one not intended for the application. Find a new paranoia outlet. The real danger is in cracked roll pins, rusted roll pins, and general misuse by the end user.”

Caccia Equipment LLC (on hold)

This family business does custom sewing, for very reasonable prices. As of April 2019, they are taking a break from cam reslinging as they move their shop. You could possibly check in with them in the summer/fall. Contact info can be found on their Facebook page:


Places that the internet says reslings cams, but don’t:


Wild Country

No longer reslings their own cams.


Has never provided cam reslings.

Misty Mountain

We heard rumors that they re-sling cams, but there is no official reslinging program at Misty (we called to clarify).

Wired Bliss

Michael stopped reslinging cams around the time that they stopped making cams.

Nomad Ventures

The Joshua Tree location can help you with trigger wires if you’re in town, but they don’t do cam reslinging. Instead, they recommend Runout Customs for all your cam fixes.

Forest Safety Products

No longer an official thing. Denis shut down the business and moved to California, where we lost track of him.

That’s all the options, but for more cam reslinging info, like when and why to do it, check out this post: https://blog.weighmyrack.com/how-often-to-resling-cams/

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