You can see all the brands (and manufacturers) who make and sell climbing slings below, and you can compare each sling model and all their sling features at

All the brands that make slings

listed alphabetically

        1. Alpidex
          Alpidex Logo
        2. AustriAlpin
          Austri Alpin Logo
        3. Beal
          Beal Logo
        4. Black Diamond
          Black Diamond Logo
        5. Blue Ice
          Blue Ice Logo
        6. Blue Water
          Blue Water Ropes Logo
        7. CAMP
          Camp Logo
        8. Climb Tech
          Climb Tech Logo Two tone
        9. Climbing Technology
          Climbing Technology Logo
        10. CMI
          CMI Logo
        11. Conquista
          Conquista Logo
        12. Cousin Trestec
          Cousin Trestec Logo
        13. Cypher
          Cypher Vertical Logo BW
        14. DMM
          DMM Logo
        15. Edelrid
          Edelrid Logo
        16. Edelweiss
          Edelweiss Logo
        17. Fixe
          Fixe Climbing Logo Black
        18. Fusion
          Fusion Logo
        19. GrandWall
          Grandwall Equipment Logo
        20. Grivel
          Grivel Logo V2 Black
        21. Kailas
          Kailas Logo
        22. Kong
          Kong Logo
        23. LACD
          Lacd Lost Arrow Climbing Division Logo
        24. LHotse
          Lhoste Logo
        25. Mammut
          Mammut Logo
        26. Metolius
          Metolius Logo
        27. Misty Mountain
          Misty Mountain Logo
        28. Ocun
          Ocun Logo BW
        29. Petzl
          Petzl Logo
        30. PMI
          PMI Logo
        31. Rock Empire
          Rockempire Logo
        32. Salewa
          Salewa Logo BW
        33. Simond
          Simond Logo
        34. Singing Rock
          Singing Rock Logo
        35. Skylotec
        36. Sterling
          Sterling Rope Logo
        37. Stubai
        38. Trango
          Trango Logo
        39. Tendon
          Tendon Logo
        40. Wild Country
          Wildcountry Logo
        41. Yates
          Yates Logo

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