Our top April Fools picks are listed below – and since there’s not many April Fools specific videos from the Outdoor Industry, you’ll find a host of other funny outdoor videos below that. Also, if you don’t want to scroll, we made a YouTube Playlist as well.


An oldie (2014) but goodie, the Vice President of Arc’teryx Marketing, Adam Ketcheson, hosts this gem:

Black Diamond

2020 release, featuring Alex Honnold, presenting the BD #21 Camalot, and their new Coronavirus motto: LIVE NOW, CLIMB LATER.

Bonus: All April net revenue from Giant Cams Tame The Monster Limited Edition t-shirt will go to the Access Fund.

2019 release, featuring Alex Honnold, presenting the Honnold Signature Spatula (a real product):

2018 release, featuring Alex Honnold presenting the Hot Forge Heated Chalk bag (also a real product, and still available as a limited edition):

2017 release featuring Alex Honnold, Black Diamond presents the HonnSolo 11, a free soloing airbag. The whole BD creative team is involved from the Category Manager, Industrial Designers, and Mechanical Engineers:

Clip Lips

An innovative new product to avoid contamination of the rope when it goes into your mouth.


In 2018, Grivel presented the perfect dual sided carabiner, perfect for righties, lefties, or dual handed folk.


Non-April-Fools-Specific-Videos But Still Funny

Downhill Climbing

A short Downhill Climbing documentary following two of the sports founders as they descended ‘The Admiral’ – a popular downhill climbing cliff in B.C. Similar to the niche sport of Cross Country Snowboarding that hit the scene in 2008.

Outdoor Research

Eqip cologne is our favorite of the humorous Outdoor Research flicks. OR also has 8 other notable videos that are light-hearted and fun, check out the playlist on YouTube (I recommend Alpine Obstacles, Take a Number, and What Calls You?).


Originally a Christmas flick, it features Jesse Huey and the late Hayden Kennedy. Comic genius, you’ll be hooked the entire trailer, wishing there was a full-length.

Top Rope Tough Guys

The original belay-from-your-Mustang top-ropers

Top Rope Hero Music Video

Warning: This song is so catchy, it will likely get stuck in your head for days.

Done in R1 Music Video

If you like creativity, you also might enjoy the Patagonia Testing video by Kelly Cordes.

Flextrek Whipsnake

You’ve probably seen it, but now is a great excuse to watch all the details of the Flextrek 37,000,000,000,000 again. Released in 2011, this video was far ahead of it’s time. Steve Climber is the OG.


Showcasing the World’s Worst Belayer

Shit Climbers Say / You Might Be A Climber If… type videos

An Aid Climbing Rant

Our oldest pick, debuting in 2007, Chris Kalous (host of the Enormocast) presents the Aid Climbing Rant.

Vertical Limit Guide to Climbing

Videos I thought they were fake, but they’re not


A German company who made a self-belay device:


When I first saw the Fifty:Fifty carabiner video, I thought it was an April Fools joke, but it’s actually real and you can even find it on Amazon.