The trend in 2015 carabiners is clear: Most brands are adding a “price conscious” solid gate keylock carabiner and matching sport draw to their arsenal. This wave of new keylock biners has largely been instigated by a recent patent expiration, as well as the influx of gym and sport climbers entering the scene. The biggest difference you’ll find between this latest crop of sport-oriented carabiners and draws will be in the thicknesses and lengths of dogbones available.

You’ll also notice a trend of increasing strength. This is not because of any new UIAA or CE regulations, it’s part of a mission to create even safer gear. It’s also due to advancements in hot-forging technology and techniques. Designers are able to explore and experiment even more as they research the limits of what moving metal around can really do. We certainly expect this trend to continue.

In this post we go over all the carabiners coming out in 2015, as seen at the US Outdoor Retailer trade show (watch the video at the top of this post, or get the written summary below):

CAMP, Nano 22

Updated from the Nano 23 wiregate carabiner

CAMP Nano 22 Carabiners

  • One gram lighter than the previous version, making this beauty a scant 22 grams
  • One kilonewton stronger than it’s predecessor as well
  • Improved gate action, for a smooth and consistent feel
  • Looks and feels like a mini Photon

DMM, Chimera

New keylock version of the Phantom wiregate carabiner and quickdraw

DMM Chimera Quickdraw and Carabiner

  • Under 30 grams
  • 12, 18, 25cm quickdraw lengths on skinny 8mm dyneema
  • Bottom biner keeper is located on the outside of the draw, to protect from abrasion
  • Forged in Wales

Edelrid, Slash

New keylock solid gate carabiner and quickdraw

Edelrid Slash Quickdraw

  • Straight keylock carabiner on top
  • Bent gate keylock rope-side biner
  • External biner keeper for increased durability
  • Made in Europe

Grivel, Mega K6G (aka Twin Gate)

New and unique locking carabiner

Grivel Twin Lock Carabiner

  • Looks like a non-locking carabiner, yet the two opposing gates provide the security of a fully locking biner
  • Once you get the gist, it’s faster to use than a screwlock
  • Expect it to be safer than a screwlock as it can’t accidentally undo itself

Mammut, Crag Slidelock

New sliding lock carabiner

Mammut Crag Slidelock Carabiner

  • Double action press-and-slide mechanism is recessed to prevent accidental opening
  • Faster to use than a traditional screwlock carabiner
  • Could be a belay biner or for anchoring

Metolius, Bravo

New keylock carabiner and quickdraw

Metolius Bravo Solid Gate Carabiner and Quickdraw

  • New Bravo keylock solid gate carabiner on top
  • Wiregate on the bottom to prevent gate flutter
  • Thick, 1 inch 100% nylon dogbone

Omega Pacific, Tephra (screw & twist), Vulcan

New locking belay carabiner and wiregate carabiner

Omega Pacific Tephra Vulcan Carabiners

  • Tephra: Features a trapwire to prevent cross-loading
  • Tephra: Hot-forged to reduce weight
  • Vulcan: Small and light at 32 grams
  • Vulcan: Has a squished-looking, thinner gate that helps to prevent accidental openings

Wild Country, Wild Wire

Updated from the previous Wild Wire wiregate carabiner

Wild Country Wild Wire Carabiner Quickdraw

  • Beefier: 10kN gate open, 29kN gate closed
  • Still 38 grams
  • 10cm quickdraw is red, 15cm quickdraw is green
  • Skinny dyneema sling, with external keeper to reduce wear

Wild Country, Electron

New sport climbing keylock carabiner and draw

Wild Country Electron Quickdraw

  • Straight gate top carabiner
  • Bent gate bottom carabiner for easier clipping
  • Both carabiners have a square basket lessening movement of the dogbone

Wild Country, Eos, Ascent, Ascent Lite

3 new keylock locking carabiners

Wild Country EOS and Ascent Locking Carabiner Series

  • Eos: oversized D carabiner
  • Ascent, Ascent Lite: HMS carabiners with square bottoms to rest nicely on a belay loop
  • Ascent, Ascent Lite: rounded top for smoother belaying and less kinking
  • All: new thimble with pronounced fins for easier gripping
D…HMS…what does it mean?
Check out our post explaining carabiner shapes.

AustriAlpin, Fiftey:Fiftey

New carabiner unlike anything you’ve seen before. Note: this carabiner is not in the video at the top of the post.

AustriaAlpin Fifty Fifty
Photo thanks to Malcom Daly.


Can’t wait? Buy the current versions of the Phantom, Wild Wire or the Nano 23 now:

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