Bonus: If you’re reading this before June 13th you can enter to win a giveaway with goods from both brands! Giveaway details are at the bottom of this post.

Since we get all overstoker about new startups, we couldn’t help but share some details from two brands that we just heard some fabulous podcasts about.

Bulletprufe Denim

Like most startups, Bulletprufe started after the founder, Will, was disappointed with the current jean offerings, believing something better could exist. The main goal: Jeans that would last forever. But Bulletprufe took the implementation a step further: A normal looking pair of jeans that are “damn near indestructible” — thus backed up with a lifetime guarantee. We’re thinking Vedauwoo should be added to their list of testing sites 🙂

The passionate folks at Bulletprufe are always looking how to balance sustainability, quality, and price. Right now, they’re goal is to keep the pants under $100, but that does make it harder to control every step of the process in the most sustainable way possible (biggest problem: vertically integrated textile sites in the US are now very rare). You can hear more about this balance and much more about how Bulletprufe started up in this podcast interview by ReddyYeti:

Static Climbing

Taylor Carpenter is completely submerged in the climbing world. Even her office is in a climbing gym. She started Static Climbing in 2014 and has been making, creating and stitching all their products in San Diego, CA.

This is because Static is all about being handmade. Taylor wanted to be able to employ local seamstresses and local designers and keep as much of the production as possible in the San Diego area and in the United States. Her goal is never to outsource and keep it all local, all way paying higher than minimum wage.

When you have a craft it’s empowering when someone wants to support your craft — and you can start supporting Static Climbing by just finding out more about who they are by listening to this ReddyYeti podcast about how they were founded and where they’re going:


If you’re reading this before Tuesday June 13th, you can enter to win a giveaway for:

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