We’ve been following ReddyYeti for months now. In addition to tons of giveaways from badass outdoor startups, they have a great podcast that interviews the founders of fresh outdoor brands. We were honored, humbled, and a touch nervous when they asked us to do an interview, and now it’s live!

WeighMyRack Podcast Interview

The ReddyYeti podcast is available on iTunes or Stitcher. Or you can listen to our episode here, it’s embedded below. The whole episode is just under an hour and goes over everything from how we started, to tips for living on the road while running a business, and where WeighMyRack is going in the future.





See WeighMyRack Transcript Excerpts at ReddyYeti



More ReddyYeti Climbing Startup Podcasts

ReddyYeti features all sorts of outdoor brands, from skiing to biking to climbing to… anything you can do outdoors. Below we’ve included our favorite climbing-related episodes:

Kush Climbing 

Kush Climbing

Hear how founders Kim and Kyle Vines started their eco-friendly bouldering pad business. They bring such a great vibe and are totally committed to making sustainable and local goods in Colorado. And they were funded via Kickstarter. (They’re awesome; we interviewed Kush for the WeighMyRack blog.)

Bonus! If you’re reading this post in early October, there’s still time to win a Kush Bouldering Pad!

Check out the Kush Climbing Podcast

Boulder Denim

Boulder Denim Logo

Boulder Denim set out on a mission to make the most comfortable pair of jeans. They wanted to be able to climb in them, look good, and have the jeans last forever. They started in 2015 without having any idea how the fashion industry worked, and are now preparing to take their jeans on the road, selling them out of an Airstream.

Check out the Boulder Denim Podcast

Tension Climbing

Tension Climbing Logo

Tension has been in the business since 2015. They make wood climbing holds, campus rungs and hangboards. AND they help you use them, correctly, with their online training programs. They’re also based out of Denver, CO.

Check out the Tension Podcast

Who is ReddyYeti?

Simply put, they’re a group of guys who are stoked on gear. They want to showcase rad outdoor startups–so we (the consumers) can hear about and support smaller brands that align with our interests. They’re like a match.com where startup founders meet nerdy gear-obsessed consumers.

ReddyYeti Logo

We love their story, because this company has been in the works for years, with a lot of pivots in-between. Josh and his best friend Drew started making skis in 2010. After they started and were deep into more nuanced research, they realized there were a ton of other niche ski makers; they were just impossible to find without hours and hours of research. And this is what sparked the ReddyYeti idea.

ReddyYeti, also does a ton of giveaways. Every two weeks they showcase a new startup by giving away some of their rad gear, interviewing them on the podcast, and helping to connect that startup to all the interested gear nerds, win-win style.