Can you name more than 10 shoe brands? Most climbers that we ask can’t. That’s why we wanted to list all the climbing shoe brands (and makers). And, if you want to see all these shoes, head over to to see every model.

This is a huge list of brands, and it can be totally overwhelming to know where to begin. If you’re looking for some suggestions of how to find the right shoe, we highly recommend looking over this Guide to Climbing Shoes.

All the 38 brands that make rock climbing shoes today:

links go to the individual shoe brands website, a star (*) means there is no US shoe distribution

6A* – Headquartered in France, shoes designed for schools and groups.
Acopa – Headquartered in California
Asakusa Climbing* – Based in Japan, currently only available in Japan
Alpidex* – Headquartered in Germany
Andrea Boldrini* – Made and headquartered in France
Black Diamond – Headquartered in Utah, made in Korea
Boreal – Made and headquartered in Spain
Bufo* – Made and headquartered in Czech Republic
Butora – Manufactured in Korea, shoes are available in the US via ButoraUSA
Climb X – Made in Asia, headquartered in Oregon, USA
Cypher – Headquartered in Utah, USA – in 2023 only have closeout sizes left
DMM* – No longer selling shoes
Edelrid* – They bought Red Chili, and no longer product their own shoes
EB* – Headquartered in France, holds the claim of the first climbing shoe
Elliot St* – Seen on e-commerse sites but no official presense online
Evolv – Made and headquartered in California, USA
Five Ten – Making shoes since 1985, bought by Adidas and manufacturing was moved to Europe/Asia.
Garra* – Headquartered in Madrid, Spain
Jurax* – Made & headquartered in Argentina, they serve Latin American climbers
kN climbing – Made and headquartered in Nevada, USA, they make custom climbing shoes
La Sportiva – Made and headquartered in Italy
LACD – Headquartered in Germany
Lavan* – Headquartered in Iran – making shoes since 2002
Lowa – Made in Germany/Italy, headquartered in Germany
Mad Rock – Made in Asia, headquartered in California, USA
Millet – Headquartered in France, making shoes since 1998 after they took over One Sport
Ocun – Made & headquartered in Czech Republic, “Ocun design outside, Rock Pillars technology inside.”
Red Chili – Headquartered in Germany, named after the band Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rock Empire – Headquartered in the Czech Republic
Saltic* – Headquartered and made in Zlin, Czech Republic
Scarpa – Made and headquartered in Italy
SFT Climbing – Made and headquartered in Northern California they make custom climbing shoes RIP 2016
Snake* – Headquartered in Brazil
Simond – Headquartered in Chamonix, France
So Ill – Headquartered in Illinois, made in California produced in Asia starting 2023
Teknia* – Headquartered in Argentina
Tenaya – Made in Spain, imported and distributed in the US by Trango
Tulson Tolf – Headquartered in Spain
Triop* – Made and headquartered in Czech Republic
Trongau* – Headquartered (and most likely made) in China
Unparallel – Headquartered and made in California
Wild Climb* – Headquartered in Italy and most materials used are from Italy
Zamberlan* – Headquartered in Italy

*shoes not distributed in the US

But what about [this brand] I saw online?

Here are some brands and manufacturers that you can still find on internet close-out websites, but are not currently manufactured.

Asolo – no longer making rock climbing shoes

CaVa – no longer makes shoes

Mammut – stopped making rock climbing shoes around 2008

Montrail – stopped making rock climbing shoes around 2007/2008 but is toying with the idea of making climbing shoes again

Rock Pillars – Merged with Ocun and all shoes are now made under the Ocun name

Rock Pillar's now made by Ocun

Salewa – not sure the story but you can occasionally find a UK4 sized shoe with a huge discount

Although we feel like we’ve found all the shoe brands that distribute climbing shoes in the US, there could be another one hiding. And we definitely expect more to pop up in the future.

Are we missing any brands currently selling rock climbing shoes? Email Alison, or let us know in the comments below.

Our Best Advice for Climbing Shoes

Go to shoe demos (at the gym or climbing festivals) and try on ALL THE SHOES. Including the high and low volume versions of the same model. Ideally, try climbing the same routes in each pair so you can get a sense of how they fit and perform differently. Note how they fit: are there pressure points or any gaps between your foot and the sides / top / bottom of the shoe? Pick what fits snugly and feels right to you.

If there’s a spot on a shoe that’s nagging you or any part of your foot slips in the shoe, keep trying on shoes. After trying on a ton of shoes, at one point you may wonder, “is this shoe perfect?!” because you can’t find anything wrong with the fit – at this point trust your intuition. And, for future reference, write all this info down on your phone: whether the shoe model fit or not, and what sizes are good/bad.

Want to See All The Climbing Shoes (over 400)?

At WeighMyRack, we list every climbing shoe and give you filters for volume, closure, material, last shape (downturn / asymmetry), and more. You can also filter by on sale items with discounts > 20%.

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