Here are all the racking carabiners available in at least 6 colors, sold as a rack pack or individually. They’re sorted by weight and show the number of colors available and the price per carabiner.

Click a carabiner to go to the WeighMyRack product page where you can read reviews, see videos, and find the current price, including any sales that might be happening.

All rack pack carabiner options:

Brand & ModelColorsWeight (grams)Price (US dollars)
Edelrid Nineteen GEdelrid 19 G6 colors19 g$10.95
CAMP_Nano_22_redCAMP Nano 22
(2015 Debut)
8 colors22 g$6.95
Camp_Nano23_YellowCAMP Nano 23
8 colors23 g$6.95
Metolius_FS_MiniMetolius FS Mini9 colors23 g$7.50
FS-Mini-Black-1Metolius FS Mini II
(Summer 2015)
8 colors22 g$5.95
BlackDiamond_OzBlack Diamond Oz6 colors28 g$8.95
DMM_PhantomDMM Phantom7 colors28 g$9.95
CAMP_Photon_Wire_Straight_GateCAMP Photon8 colors29 g$7.95
Cypher_CeresIICypher Ceres II7 colors30 g$5.95
Trango_Phase_Straight_Wire_2_0Trango Phase8 colors30 g$5.95
DMM_AlphaLight_blue_1DMM Alpha Light732 g$13.95
DMM_Spectre2DMM Spectre 27 colors33 g$7.95
Wild_Country_HeliumWild Country Helium6 colors33 g$13.50
DMM_Alphatrad_purple_1DMM Alpha Trad7 colors34 g$14.95
Blackdiamond_Neutrino_1Black Diamond Neutrino6 colors36 g$6.95
BlackDiamond_Hoodwire_0Black Diamond Hoodwire6 colors37 g$8.95
Omega_Pacific_Dash_1Omega Pacific Dash6 colors37 g$6.95

Note: Climb X also makes the Mini Racker in 10 colors, but we do not have enough information to adequately show it above.

Narrowing down the options:

With over 15 racking carabiner options you have the ability to get color coded carabiners that fit your individual preferences for size, weight, strength, ease of clipping, or price. Each climber balances their own priorities. Writing down and listing those priorities in order is the most effective way to narrow down the best options for you and your needs.

Folks who spend most of their time exploring in the alpine will likely prioritize a smaller weight and size. Climbers who prefer luxury may splurge for a keylock carabiner. Crag climbers will often prioritize a full-size, high-strength carabiner to ensure easy clipping when weight matters less. Price is often a deciding factor and setting a budget can quickly narrow down the options.

Some rack pack buying options:

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