We list all the 29 brands and manufacturers who sell/make dynamic climbing ropes, alphabetically.

  1. Beal – (France) – Starting in 1976, Beal has been changing the game of climbing with breakthroughs like Unicore technology.
    Beal Logo
  2. Black Diamond – Offering various rope options since 2016
    Black Diamond Logo
  3. Blue Water – (US) – The first American company to make a dynamic climbing rope.
    Blue Water Ropes Logo
  4. Climbing Technology
    Climbing Technology Logo
  5. Cousin Trestec – (France) – Historically this French 150+ year old rope manufacturer made climbing ropes for many different climbing brands. They now carry their own line of climbing ropes.
    Cousin Trestec Logo
  6. DMM
    DMM Logo
  7. Edelrid – (Germany) – In 1953 Edelrid invented the concept of a rope with a core and sheath (called kernmantel) that every rope manufacturer uses today.
    Edelrid Logo
  8. Edelweiss – (France) – Kickin’ since the 1950’s, Edelweiss developed the first 8-fall rope in 1975, and continued to lead the pack in rope durability.
    Edelweiss Logo
  9. FixeRoca – (Spain) – Fixe bought Roca ropes, who is over 100 years old, starting as a ropemaker in 1891.
  10. Gilmonte – (Slovakia) – Took over from from Žilmont (new management, new brand, new logo, new technology, new ropes). They have make static and dynamic ropes.
  11. Kailas
    Kailas Logo
  12. Liberty Mountain
  13. Mad Rock
    Madrock Logo
  14. Mammut – (Switzerland) – In 1862 Mammut started making hemp ropes, 90 years later they launched their first mountain rope.
    Mammut Logo
  15. Maxim/New England – (US) – Maxim is the brand name of the dynamic rope division of New England Ropes. Though, as of Feb 1, 2014, NERopes is technically as Teufelberger Fiber Rope Corporation.
    Maxim Logo
  16. Metolius – (Czech) – In 2003 Metolius launched their Monster series. They currently have 5 rope types which are designed for a very specific purpose-no fluff. Note: Previous to the Monster series, Metolius distributed Mammut ropes from the early 90’s to the early 00’s.
    Metolius Logo
  17. Millet – (France) – In the late 90’s Millet’s owners bought out two rope makers: Rivory and One Sport, who then allied with Cousin whom they partnered with until a few years ago.
    Millet Logo
  18. Ocun – (Czech) – In 2012, Ocun started offering three ropes, and now they have ramped up and have many more options.
    Ocun Logo BW
  19. Petzl – (Germany) – Petzl has contracted different manufacturers over the years to design ropes according to their specifications, as of Q4 2014 Edelrid is manufacturing Petzl-branded ropes. FWIW, Petzl ropes feel very different than Edelrid ropes due to the desired characteristics of French ropes (generally, higher dynamic elongation).
    Petzl Logo
  20. PMI – (US) – PMI has made ropes for many other brands over the years. Depending on the year, they will also have their own climbing ropes.
    PMI Logo
  21. Rock Empire
    Rockempire Logo
  22. Salewa
    Salewa Logo BW
  23. Simond – (France) – Relatively new to selling ropes, Simond launched their rope line in the late 00’s.
    Simond Logo
  24. Singing Rock – (Czech) – In June 2009, Singing Rock and Lanex merged, but then in 2013, Singing Rock became their own company again. Since 2009, Singing Rock has been selling ropes.
    Singing Rock Logo
  25. Skylotec
  26. Sterling – (US) – Founded in 1992 Sterling began selling ropes in 1993. All Sterling ropes are still manufactured at their facility in Bedford, Maine.
    Sterling Rope Logo
  27. Stubai
  28. Tendon – (Czech) – The dynamic ropes division of Lanex, one of the larger rope manufacturers. Distributed by Cascade Alpinist in the US.
    Tendon Logo
  29. Trango – (US) – Previously a distributer of PMI, Trango transitioned to designing their own rope line.
    Trango Logo

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Brands who no longer offer climbing ropes:

  • ABC
  • Espirit
  • So Ill
  • Yates

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