When I started trad climbing I didn’t think there was that much difference between nut sets. So I just got the same brand as my cams.

Turns out there’s quite a few options and a growing number of specialty nuts. And sometimes the wiring can even be more complex than the nuts themselves. In the future we’ll dive more into nut construction but until then, we list all the nuts available on the market today.

Note: For a history of nuts, Stéphane Pennequin’s fabulous Nut Story essay, from the Nut Museum, is a must read along with More Nut Stories).

The brands that sell climbing nuts:

  • ABC – Heuvos (ABC has been discontinued)
  • Black Diamond – Stoppers and Micro Stoppers
  • CAMP – Pronut
  • Climb X – Nut
  • Climbing Technology – Carved Nuts
  • Cypher – Huevos
  • DMM – Micro Wallnuts, Peenuts, Wallnuts, Brass IMP’s, Brass Offsets, Micro Wallnuts
  • KONG – Chocks
  • Kouba – Alu, Duo, Horn, Klasik, Mosaz, Rox, Top, Vector
  • LACD – Chockstone
  • Metolius – Ultralight Curved Nuts, Astro Nuts
  • Omega Pacific – Wedgies
  • Rock Empire – Alu-nut, Brass Chock, Dui, Granite, Vector
  • Salewa – Luna (can’t find on their site anywhere)
  • Simond – Camrock (no longer listed on their site)
  • Trango – Chockstones
  • Wild Country – Rock on Wire, Classic Rocks, Rocks, and Superlight Rocks


If we’re missing any brands, please let us know in the comments!

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And, if you’re interested in deals, we recommend checking out all the nuts currently on sale (online, in the United States).


Alison Dennis

Alison Dennis

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