With Beal’s main specialty in rope manufacturing, when they set out to create a new line of carabiners, they put a lot of thought into the carabiner/rope interaction. Their goal was to minimize rope friction and allow the rope to run more freely, ensuring longevity of the beloved rope. We caught up with Ben Eaton from Liberty Mountain (Beal’s US distributer) who gave us some insight into Beal’s new line of hardware.

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Beal Be Free Quickdraw

Beal’s new quickdraw, the Be Free draw, has a small keylock carabiner on top (Be Top) and larger curved gate carabiner on the bottom (Be One). The bottom carabiner is more rope friendly as it has a larger, thicker spine. This prevents rope kinking as well as reducing lateral rope friction (see image below). The Be Free draw also has a wide dyneema dogbone which means this draw will be strong and stiff, not floppy.

Beal Carabiner Rope Friction Diagram
Illustrations are Beal’s.

The new Beal lockers also come in a variety of distinct shapes and sizes.

Beal Be Lock Locking CarabinerBe Lock is the largest. It’s a fatty that is rounded throughout but also has ample space up top for rappelling. This is a great all-around biner because it can handle anything you throw at it. This locker will be in screw-gate (Be Lock) and triple auto-locking form (Be Lock 3 Matic)

Beal Be Safe Locking Carabiner

A more specialized locking carabiner, Beal has the Be Safe, an HMS (large) biner that has a wider, flatter frame to accommodate more rope. This reduces friction between the rope and carabiner during rappel, or when belaying a leader on twin / double ropes. Rope bunching  in the corner of the basket is also reduced.

Beal Be One Screw Locking CarabinerTheir other locker, Be One Screw, is very compact and much more rounded (it’s the Be One carabiner frame with a locking gate). It would be best for sport climbing or top-roping when dealing with only one rope. It’s design is intended to limit friction so it should be great for belaying your partner on their newest project. We could also see using the Be One Screw for setting up Top Rope anchors.

If you can’t wait for these carabiners, check out WeighMyRack’s Carabiner Page, to see over 500 carabiners currently on the market and compare their specs.

Beal is coming out with a lot of exciting gear for 2014 including the lightest half rope on the market and a new line of harnesses for US distribution.

Beal products are available at your nearest Beal dealer and on Liberty Mountain Climbing. You’ll find these carabiners and draw on there in 2014!

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