Beal Gully 7.3mm Unicore and GoldenDryBeal is coming out with the industries lightest and thinnest half rope in the market in 2014. Conveniently it’s also certified as a twin rope. This rope measures in at 7.3mm in diameter and weighs a scant 36 grams per meter. Ben Eaton from Liberty Mountain (Beal’s US distributer) told us all about the rope at Outdoor Retailer.

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One of the most unique and innovate features of Beal ropes is their proprietary Unicore technology, which is done on all their dynamic ropes. With Unicore, the rope core and the sheath are bonded together. This eliminates sheath slippage and makes it much safer if the rope is cut  (even a core shot won’t let the sheath slip!).

The Gully is also treated with GoldenDry, which is Beal’s fancy way of saying that the core and the sheath are both dry treated. At WeighMyRack we usually call this 2X dry. Worth noting on skinny ropes, having a rope’s sheath dry treated does make the rope more slippery so extra caution should be taken when belaying and rappelling. With that said, dry treatment is pretty much a necessity for half and twin ropes since they’re most often used on meandering alpine routes and ice climbs.

Although the Gully is not on the market yet, it’s already winning awards. At the Germany OutDoor trade show it won the Gold OutDoor Industry Award and at the US Outdoor Retailer show it won Best New Gear Award from The Gear Institute and Best In Show from Gear Junkie.

Beal is coming out with a lot of gear this year including a new line of harnesses  for the US market and, completely new to Beal, a range of carabiners and quickdraws.

Beal products are available at your nearest Beal dealer and on Liberty Mountain Climbing. The Gully will be there in 2014!

Alison Dennis

Alison Dennis

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