The 41 Brands who Sell Crash Pads

  1. Alpkit
    Alpkit Logo
  2. Asana
    Asana Bouldering Logo
  3. Beal
    Beal Logo
  4. Black Diamond
    Black Diamond Logo
  5. Cassin
    Cassin Logo
  6. Climb X
    ClimbX Logo
  7. Corazon
    The 52 Brands who Sell Crash Pads 1
  8. Edelrid
    Edelrid Logo
  9. Evolv
    Evolv Logo
  10. Flashed
    Flashed Logo
  11. Flipp
    The 52 Brands who Sell Crash Pads 2
  12. Gadd
    Gadd Logo
  13. Gipfel Climbing
    Gipfelclimbing Logo Black
  14. Grivel
    Grivel Logo V2 Black
  15. Kinetik
    Kinetik Logo
  16. LACD
    Lacd Lost Arrow Climbing Division Logo
  17. Mad Rock
    Madrock Logo
  18. Mammut
    Mammut Logo
  19. Mantle Climbing
    Mantle Climbing Logo
  20. Metolius
    Metolius Logo
  21. Milo
    Milo Logo
  22. Misty Mountain
    Misty Mountain Logo
  23. Moon Climbing
    Moon Climbing Logo
  24. Mountain Method
    Mountain Method Logo Black
  25. Ocun
    Ocun Logo BW
  26. Organic
  27. Peter Bouldering
    Peter Bouldering Logo
  28. Petzl
    Petzl Logo
  29. Psychi
    Psychi Logo Black
  30. Rock Slave
    Rock Slave Logo
  31. Rockstone
    Rockstone Logo Black
  32. Send
    Send Logo BW
  33. Simond
    Simond Logo
  34. Singing Rock
    Singing Rock Logo
  35. Snap Climbing
    Snap Climbing Logo
  36. So Ill
    So Ill Logo Dual
  37. Spotter
    The 52 Brands who Sell Crash Pads 3
  38. Trango
    Trango Logo
  39. Ultra Climbing
    Ultraclimbing Logo Black
  40. Voodoo
    Voodoo Logo
  41. Wild Country
    Wildcountry Logo


There is no difference whether you refer to your safety zone as a bouldering pad, crashpad or crash mat, foam pad, a mattress, or if you’re totally old school, “carpet.” It wasn’t until the early 90’s that crash pads were commercially available (under the brand Kinnaloa, by Bruce Pottenger). And a hearty shout-out to Cordless and Metolius for taking the risk-plunge in manufacturing crash pads on a bigger scale and allowing them to become an acceptable climbing tool.

As you look at the brands below, you’ll note I’m a little biased to crash pads that are made domestically (Alison speaking, not WeighMyRack) because it makes me super happy to support fellow small-business owners, I’m listing those first:

Brands who manufacture bouldering pads, Made in the USA:

Side note: many US made mats are available in custom colors and are sewn to order

Asana – 8 bouldering pads that have the brightest and boldest colors in hinged and taco style. Boise, ID

Climb Tech – 2 bouldering pads, made in partnership with Organic. PA

Five Ten – 1 bouldering pad, made in parternship with Organic. PA

Kinetik – 4 bouldering pads, custom colors available. Boulder, CO.

Kush Climbing – Custom printed topsheets and eco-friendly (hemp) taco pads. Boulder, CO. Interview.

Misty Mountain – 2 bouldering pads, one taco style (online only), one hinge. Elk, NC

Organic Bouldering Mats – 5 crash pads with a half taco / half hinge design, all pads are custom ordered and you can pick your colors or ask for a super unique design. PA/WY

Pusher – 3 hinge/taco hybrid pads (same folks who created Cordless Pads). Boulder, CO Closed Dec, 2014.

Revolution Climbing – 4 taco pads (a “spawn/brethren” of Cordless). Boulder, CO Closed Dec, 2014.

Rockstone – Based in Chicago, Illinois, they sell a USA made bouldering pad.

Stonelick – 5 crashpads that all have a step hinge. Vermont! Assumed closed. Website down, no FB updates.

Spotter – 6 pads (some hybrids) and a shield. Hueco Tanks, TX

Vcrux – 6 taco style crash pads. Hueco Tanks, TX Re-branded to Spotter.

VLine – 3 bouldering pads, fully customizable options as well, currently all taco style. Salt Lake City, UT

Voodoo – 3 taco style highball bouldering pads, you can send them your favorite top-sheet fabric too. Flagstaff, AZ

Brands whose pads are made elsewhere in the world:

Some of these brands manufacture in-house in Europe, others not. Some of these brands are available in the US, others not.

Alpkit – 4 bouldering mats (made in the UK)

Base Cubic – 4 bouldering mats no longer sells pads

Beal – 4 crashpads

Black Diamond – 4 bouldering pads (although a US company, the pads are made in Asia)

Butora – 2 bouldering pads

Cassin – 1 pad, distributed to the US via CAMP-USA

Charko – 4 crash pads

Chillaz – pad with a middle air layer no longer sells pads

Corazon – 2 crash pads made in the Czech Republic

Climb X – 2 crash pad, multiple colors (although a US company, pads are made in Asia)

DMM – 4 bouldering pads (pads made in Europe, not at the DMM headquarters)

Edelrid – 4 crash pads

Evolv – 4 crash pads (although a US company, the pads are made in Asia)

Fixe – 1 crashpad

Flashed – 6 bouldering mats, made in Canada!

Flipp – 3 crash pads, made in Sofia, Bulgaria (they also rent pads)

Gadd – 6 pads, made in Częstochowa, Poland, currently only available in Poland

Gipfel Climbing Equipment – 5 pads, they are based in India (but also ship to the US)

Globe – Makes the classic Globe Ground Control Pad Only makes walls and holds now

Grivel – 1 crash pad

KONG – 1 crash pad

LACD (Lost Arrow Climbing Division) – 1 crash pad

Lhotse – 3 crash pads

Loopwear – 3 crash pads

Mad Rock – 3 different styles. One notable option is that there’s a pad that upon purchase will donate $6 to the HERA foundation and another pad that is filled entirely with recycled foam. (although a US company, the pads are made in Asia)

Mammut – 1 crash pad

Mantle – 2 crash pads

Metolius – 7 crash pads (although a US company, the pads are made in Vietnam)

Milo – 1 crash pad

Moon Climbing – 4 bouldering mats

Mushroom Pads – Pads made in Madrid, officially launching in 2016.

Ocun – 6 crash pads

Peter Bouldering – 5 crash pads (rebranded from the original name: Pad)

Podsacks – 2 crash pads (Made in the UK)

Red Chili – 2 crash pads

Revolution Climbing – 2 crash pads (a franchise of the US Revolution Climbing brand, though this brand has the pads made locally in Europe)

Rock Empire – 1 crash pad

Rock Slave – 1 crash pad

Simond – 1 crash pad

Singing Rock – 1 crash pad

Snap Climbing – 7 crash pads

So Ill – 3 pads

Trangoworld – 1 crash pad

Wild Country 2 crash pads

As with most categories on WeighMyRack I had no idea there was this many brands before starting some intensive research. I was also blown away with the amount of small manufacturers in the US making bouldering pads. Seems that the textile industry is a little easier to get into versus the hardware industry in terms of manufacturing costs, knowledge, and regulation.

And if you’re into futuristic ideas, check out this interesting design for an adaptable crash pad:

I’m betting more bouldering pad companies will pop up with the rise of gym climbing and especially as bouldering-only gyms continue to spread like bunnies.

Final Note: Franklin Climbing (UT) and Bittersweet (UT) are no longer make bouldering pads (or anything else) under those names.

Update 7/14We did find a Euro company called PadStar recently. The website no longer works.

Update 3/15: Added Gadd and RockSlave thanks to Nicola in the comments.

Update 9/15: We did stumble upon a Nova Scotia brand, Earth Bones Climbing, but it looks like they only have a Kickstarter campaign, and do not have a stock of pads to offer, yet.

Update 10/15: Changed PAD to Peter Bouldering thanks to Lada in the comments.

Update 3/16: Thanks to Lada in the comments for letting us know about Corazon.

Update 4/7: Thanks to Jim in the comments we’ve updated Stonelick’s status and changed VCrux to Spotter. And thanks to Lada for reminding us to add Butora. And thanks to Joel on Facebook for introducing us to Flipp.

Update 4/19: Thanks to an email from Jan we added Milo and Lhotse, and we’re up to 46.

Update 4/20: Thanks to Carlos via the comments we added his company Mushroom Pads.

Do you know of any brands we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure to add them in!

Alison Dennis

Alison Dennis

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