In the past it’s been challenging to find harnesses that fit well if you need a size bigger than a standard Large. The variance in harness sizing between XL and XXXL is all over the board. We’ve noticed many “XL” harnesses are actually bigger than the few officially rated XXXL harnesses. The sizes are so inconsistent that WeighMyRack had to make our own harness standardization. [Read more about the brand’s inconsistent harness sizing and WeighMyRack’s sizing strategy in this post.]

Most manufacturers don’t officially list XXXL harnesses as a sizing option. But it turns out, many of their one-size-fits-all “Large” or “XL” harnesses actually go well beyond those sizes. Since we’ve re-categorized harness sizes on WeighMyRack, we can now clearly see the harness options for bigger climbers.

You can see, filter, and sort on all the largest harnesses on or you can keep scrolling to see the options available as of this writing.

Big Harnesses Made for Rock Climbing

These climbing harnesses will all fit a waist size of 45″ and some of them go up to 61″ (114 cm – 155 cm). The full body harnesses max out with a waist of 78″ (200 cm).

Alphabetically listed. *A star means there is no US distribution.

Black Diamond Momentum

Waist : 100-114 cm / 40-45 in
Legs : 66-76 cm / 26-30 in

Black Diamond Momentum
Beal Aero Classic*

Waist : 65-115 cm / 25.6-45.3 in
Legs : 40-75 cm / 15.7-29.5 in

Beal Aero Classic
Beal Aero Team IV*

Waist : 45-115 cm / 17.7-45.3 in
Legs : 26-72 cm / 10.2-28.3 in

For a “kids” harness, it has a surprisingly large range.


Blue Ice Choucas III*

Waist: 100-120 cm / 39.4-47.2 in
Legs: 70-95 cm / 27.6-37.4 in

Optimized for mountaineering.

Blue Ice Choucas
BlueWater BW Flash Men

Waist: 81-114 cm / 32-45 in

The Women’s version only goes up to 44 inches.

 BlueWater BW Flash
Blue Water Jim Gyde

Waist : 41-114 cm / 16-45 in



Waist : 65-150 cm / 25.6–59.1 in
Legs : 40-100 cm / 15.7–39.4 in

 CAMP Group II
Cilao IKKO*

Waist: 50-123 cm / 19.7-48.4 in
Legs: 40-81 cm / 15.7-31.9 in

 Cilao Ikko
DMM Brenin

Waist : 55-155 cm / 22-61 in
Legs : 50-85 cm / 20-33 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

 DMM brenin
DMM Centre Alpine

Waist: 60-150 cm / 24-59 in
Legs : 50-90 cm / 20-35 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

DMM Centre Alpine
Edelrid Solid Full Body*

Waist : 100-140 cm / 39.4-55.1 in
Legs : max 90 cm / max 35.4 in

 Edelrid Solid Full Body
Edelweiss Mygale

Waist : 60-117 cm / 23.6-46.1 in
Legs : max 90 cm / max 35.4 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

 Edelweiss Mygale
Edelweiss Explorer II

Waist: 155-200 cm / 61-78.7 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

 Edelweiss Exploer II
Kong Indiana

Waist : 60-120 cm / 23.6-47.2 in
Legs : 42-66 cm / 16.5-26 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

Kong Indiana
LACD Start*

Waist: 87-130 cm / 34.3-51.2 in
Legs: 60-84 cm / 23.6-33.1 in

LACD Start
Lhotse Lhotse New*

Waist: 105-120 cm / 41.3-47.2 in
Legs: 60-70 cm / 23.6-27.6 in

Lhotse Lhotse new
Misty Mountain Cadillac

Waist : 104-114 cm / 41-45 in
Legs : 69-76 cm / 27-30 in

Also available in a manual doubleback version.

Misty Mountain Cadillac Quick Adjust
Rock Empire Speedy*

Waist: 60-140 cm / 23.6-55.1 in

 Rock Empire Speedy
Rock Empire Streak*

Waist: 75-115 cm / 29.5-45.3 in
Legs: 53-69 cm / 20.9-27.2 in

 Rock Empire Streak
 Rock Empire Spectrum*

Waist: 80-130 cm / 31.5-51.2 in
Legs: 56-75 cm / 22-29.5 in 

Rock Empire Spectrum
Skylotec Sitz 2.0*

Waist: 85-115 cm / 33.5-45.3 in 

Skylotec Sitz
Singing Rock Brio*

Waist : 60-116 cm / 24-46 in
Legs : 42-72 cm / 17-29 in

The Brio II is the same but has easier to adjust leg buckles.


 SingingRock Brio
Singing Rock Top

Waist : 60-120 cm / 24-47 in
Legs : 42-66 cm / 17-27 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

Singing Rock Top
Singing Rock Top Padded

Waist : 60-120 cm / 24-47 in
Legs : 42-66 cm / 17-27 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.

 Singing Rock Top padded
Singing Rock Dome

Waist : 70-120 cm / 23-47 in
Legs : 44-72 cm / 17-28 in

Distributed to the US, but we’re not sure where to find it.
GearExpress carries it! (thanks to Sarah in the comments)

 Singing Rock Dome
Trango Gym

Waist : 112-142 cm / 44-56 in
Legs : max 89 cm / max 35 in

Trango Gym


*A star means there is no US distribution.

There are additional larger harnesses made that may work for rock climbing…

WeighMyRack catalogs all the recreational use harnesses and does not catalog professional use. Professional use harnesses are made for Search and Rescue, Fire, Police, Arborists, Construction and more. Since these harnesses are not made specifically for recreational rock climbing we don’t catalog them and can’t vouch that they would be a good fit for rock climbing. Some of them have steel parts or other features that are made specifically for industry use.

That said, some of those harnesses will work for rock climbing. For example, we’ve checked out the Petzl Falcon Mountain harness that is made for Mountain Rescue (Professional use vs Recreational). Waist: 31.5 – 55″ / 80-140 cm. Legs: 23-29.5″ / 60-75 cm. We took time to look into each feature, checked the standards, and found that it would still be suitable for climbing. Contacting the manufacturer would be the best way to check if a professional use harness could be used for rock climbing.

Safety Note

Although most of the harnesses listed in this post are sit harnesses (only going around the waist), a chest harness might be a great investment as well (homemade with webbing or commercially manufactured). This would help for balance and prevent top-heavy climbers from accidentally inverting while hanging on a rope.


Harness sizing is not standardized and can cause serious frustration and grief for any large climber. Most brands and manufactures don’t even recognize the XXXL harness range, which seems absurd because many of them make harnesses that have a much bigger range than “Large” adequately describes.

This post catalogued the largest sized recreational rock climbing harnesses. This data was last updated in mid-2016. For the most accurate listing (updated daily), go to and use the size filter to narrow down on your preferred sizes.

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