If you have a big noggin’ your helmet choices shrink drastically. After scouring the WeighMyRack database, it’s clear that most helmets max out between 24 – 24.4 inches (61-62 centimeters). This post documents all the helmets that are above this “average max.”

Even though there aren’t that many options, the good news is, most of these options qualify for the Top 10 Best Looking Helmets list. And, for your convenience, all the pictures used are of the top voted colors.

25″ (63.5 cm) Helmets

Black Diamond
Vector Details
Black Diamond
Vapor Details
Zenith Details

Shop Backcountry Shop CampSaver All Prices & Shops

Shop Backcountry Shop CampSaver All Prices & Shops

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Wild Country
Focus Details
Wild Country
Wild_Country_Fusion Fusion Details

The Black Diamond and Trango helmets are easily found in the US. The Wild Country helmets are technically distributed to the US, but we’re not sure which retailers sell them. 

And, you may also still be able to find a 25″ Black Diamond Tracer on closeout, but they’re not actually produced anymore.

Bonus Link: We wrote a comprehensive review of the Vector that’s worth consideration.

25.2″ (64 cm) Helmet

Protector Lite Details

Not distributed to the US.

26″ (66 cm) Helmet

Salamander XL Details

In the US, Backcountry seems to only carry the regular size Salamander helmet (we’re not sure if this is normal or they’re out of stock of the XL). Liberty Mountain is Grivel’s US distributer and they may know where you can find the XL.


The best news is that the [small] selection of large helmets includes some of the best looking helmet models, so your advanced cranium can be covered in style.

Often the bike and ski market have more options for larger helmets. Wearing a bike (or ski) helmet is better than nothing, although it’s definitely not ideal. The requirements and testing for climbing helmets is different and protects more from impacts from above (we wrote a whole blog post explaining the details).

And, to help keep on top of which helmets will fit, WeighMyRack definitely be adding an “XL sizing” filter to our helmet page.

If you want to compare every helmet there is (small and/or large)
check out WeighMyRack.com/helmet

If any of the above helmets struck you, here are all the places we know to buy them (and the current price):

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