Arc’teryx is coming out with a new male and female harness in 2020 (and they’ve hinted that more harnesses are in the pipeline). The last time we did a deep dive into Arc’teryx’s harnesses was in 2015, after we toured the Arc’teryx headquarters, so we’re excited to finally see some brand new gear from Arc’teryx!

2020 Arc’teryx C-Quence harness (aka Sequence harness)

Arcteryx C-Quence sequence harness full

The main goal of the C-Quence harness was to improve mobility and hanging comfort. To do this, Arc’teryx harness designer (and competitive climber) Katie Mah teamed up with an Arc’teryx biomedical engineer, Cam Stuart, to help analyze how your body changes while hanging for an extended period of time. Together they were able to develop a deep understanding of biomechanics and anthropometry, materials and construction, testing and evaluation, and design process. This includes creating an internal language that helped to measure harness-specific comfort and sensitivity to help understand all the different body types.

Over a year the team studied more than 60 athletes and staff of every shape and size and had them hang in varying prototypes to identify all the pressure points. They studied photos and crunched numbers in an attempt to find a harness that was most comfortable for the largest group of testers.
Arcteryx Harness Testing color

Almost counter-intuitive seeming, but due to their findings, the new Arc’teryx harnesses will be narrower in width compared to previous numbers. Throughout the harness creation there was a lot of emphasis placed on the sculpting of the hip belt and leg loops. Designer Katie mentioned that, “Warp strength is very unique in that it provides flexibility and structure, and by shaping it closer to the body we were able to accommodate a broader range of people. There is such a wide range of climbers’ body types and proportions, so we found having some flexibility and optimizing load distribution was key.”

This video that we shot at the OutDoor show in Germany showcases the C-Quence features:

The C-Quence harness is the next evolution of the Arc’teryx’s Warp Strength Technology™. The harness now also has Air Mesh laminated with the Warp Technology on the harness for added breathability and comfort.

Arcteryx C-Quence sequence harness gear loops

Arc’teryx decided to start with a fixed leg loop harness because the harness is for all-around use and fixed legs have a good balance of weight, comfort, and simplicity. The designer noted that, “A fixed leg loop version is more challenging to fit, but for many, the more ideal option (less fuss and lighter weight) so we decided to start here first to set the foundation.”

The gear loops are similar to previous gear loops, but without such a sharp angle to them. They stay large and continue to have a webbing core so they do have some freedom of movement. There will still be 4 ice clipper slots, 2 on each side.

The haul loop continues to be very low profile and won’t cause issues while climbing with a pack.

Arcteryx C-Quence sequence harness back

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C-Quence Weight

Men’s Medium – 360g (12.6oz)
Women’s Small – 245g (12.1oz)

Sizing options will be the same for men’s and women’s models: XS, S, M, L and XL.

Materials for the male and female models are exactly the same, and the difference is around the shape of the waist and leg loops and the distance of the rise.

Color is black for both the men and the women’s models, but the men’s will have grey lining while the women’s will have red lining. The pictures above are from a prototype.

Also, the C-Quence comes with a long burly stuff sack that is made from repurposed material from other products.

Arcteryx C-Quence sequence harness stuff sack

C-Quence Availability

Made in Canada, Available in January 2020 for $145 (which is lower than their previous top of the line harnesses which sold for $159).

All other Arc’teryx harnesses (SL 340, FL 355, FL 365, AR 385A, AR 395A) will be phased out as the C-Quence, and other future models, become the new Arc’teryx standard.

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