Sustainable Eco Climbing Ropes

The Most Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Climbing Ropes

The most eco-friendly ropes on the market today are Bluesign-certified, have PFC-free waterproof coatings, and/or…

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3rd party certifications

The 5 Best Sustainability Certifications for Climbing Gear Companies

There are no UIAA or CE certifications, tests, or requirements for sustainability or eco-friendly efforts in…

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DPM Climbing is not trustworthy


Although I'm telling you about DPM Climbing please do not go to DPM's website - more (or sudden) traffic will make…

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Mountain Method Boulder Caddy header

Mountain Method Boulder Caddy – Crash Pad Gear Organizer Review

Do you remember that scene in 10 Things I Hate About You, where the dad makes his daughter wear the “Baby Belly”…

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how to train for climbing with kids

How to Train for Climbing with Kids

Luckily there already are plenty of articles about climbing and parenting (blogs and magazine articles, and more),…

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New Five Ten Gear

2020 Five Ten Climbing Shoes (Newest Gear)

In 2020, Five Ten is releasing a totally revamped version of the Hiangle and a brand new entry-level shoe called…

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New DMM Gear

DMM Newest Climbing Gear Coming in 2020 (nuts and carabiners)

In 2020 DMM is releasing a set of Halfnuts and is coming out with a locking carabiner called the Shadow. DMM…

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DMM Halfnuts header

DMM Halfnuts (half a Wallnut) Coming in 2020

DMM took the classic DMM Wallnut profile and essentially chopped it in half lengthwise. The Halfnuts will come in…

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New Arcteryx Gear

2020 Arc’teryx Climbing Harness (Newest Gear)

Arc'teryx is coming out with a new male and female harness in 2020 (and they've hinted that more harnesses are in…

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New SCARPA Gear 2020

2020 SCARPA Rock Climbing Shoes (Newest Gear)

SCARPA is always updating previous models and bringing out new models. For 2020, SCARPA updated the Booster and…

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Black Diamond Z4 cam details header

2020 Black Diamond Z4 Cams and Z4 Offset Cams

A few years ago Black Diamond sat down some of their prominent athletes (including Hazel Findlay, Carlos Traversi,…

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New La Sportiva Gear

2020 La Sportiva Climbing Shoes & Boots (Newest Gear)

In 2020 La Sportiva is releasing 3 new climbing shoes, specifically designed for the Olympics. These shoes will…

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