When Edelrid designs a new product, they create strict and purposeful goals. For their newest locking carabiners, the entire goal was to create a locker that could easily rotate through eyelets, like a bolt hanger or belay device.

The result: a low-profile “Slider” locking mechanism. To open: push in and slide down. The sliding mechanism is made out of steel so it is quite robust and is virtually impossible to open by rubbing against rope, slings, or rocks, without human assistance. This is mainly because the slider is slightly recessed into the gate. Yet it works well with gloves, and can even be opened when you’re clipping a rope (check out the video above at 1:14). The gate itself is also quite strong, even a 1kN load on the gate will not open it.

Although the Slider carabiners were not explicitly designed to work well in winter, they happen to excel in cold and icy conditions. Watch the video above or click to see Daniel talk about one bad weather day climbing with a bunch of guides whose locking carabiners froze while the Slider carabiner continued to function.

There are 4 Slider locking carabiners and each has a unique purpose. Below we describe the best uses for each carabiner in the series and make note of any nuances:

HMS Strike Slider



[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Best Use: Belay carabiner, or anchor ‘biner.

Note: This was the first locking HMS carabiner to freely rotate in a belay device or anchor system. Keylock closure reduces snagging and hot forged body increases the strength to weight ratio.


  • Weight: 62 grams (a top 10 lightest autolocking carabiner)
  • Gate opening: 21 mm
  • Major Access Gate Closed: 22 kN
  • Major Access Gate Open: 7 kN
  • Minor Axis Gate Closed: 8 kN
  • Price: $19.95[/one_half_last]

HMS Strike Slider FG

[one_half] Edelird HMS Strike Slider FG


Best Use: Belay carabiner with the added safety of an anti-rotation spring to prevent cross-loading.

Note: Works great with all belay devices.


  • Weight: 66 grams (a top 10 lightest autolocking carabiner)
  • Gate opening: 21 mm
  • Major Access Gate Closed: 22 kN
  • Major Access Gate Open: 7 kN
  • Minor Axis Gate Closed: 8 kN
  • Price: $19.95[/one_half_last]

HMS Strike Slider Safelock

[one_half] Edelird HMS Strike Safelock [/one_half][one_half_last]

Best Uses: Connecting the climbing rope to your harness.

Great for tying into the rope while mountaineering, glacier walking, rigging, and for groups top-roping on multiple ropes keep the Safelock on the rope versus tying in). Also a great asset for soloing with a GriGri (WeighMyRack does not condone this method, nor does Petzl or Edelrid).


  • Weight: 66 grams (a top 10 lightest autolocking carabiner)
  • Gate Opening: 21 mm
  • Major Access Gate Closed: 22 kN
  • Major Access Gate Open: 7 kN
  • Minor Axis Gate Closed: 8 kN
  • Price: $19.95[/one_half_last]

Note: This locking carabiner is not recommended for use with the Mega Jul or Micro Jul. It’s actually not recommended for belaying with any kind of tubular belay device. This is because the belay device wire should be able to move freely in the carabiner, yet the anti-rotation spring is too high and will prevent free movement. The Strike Slider FG would be the preferred anti-twist belay carabiner.

Geek Out: Design-wise the Safelock carabiner is actually the most impressive carabiner in the Slider series because one spring operates the anti-twist/rotation, the gate closure, and the locking of the gate. This means less machining and fewer parts, yet more functionality and safety. Coincidentally, this ‘biner is also the first HMS carabiner with two independent automatic locking mechanisms, yet they’re run by the same spring.

Pure Slider

Edelrid Pure Slider Locking Carabiner

[/one_half][one_half_last]Best Use: As a quickdraw carabiner for sketchy/runout bolts or on traverses and wandering routes.


  • Weight: 42 grams (THE lightest autolocking carabiner)
  • Gate Opening: 18 mm
  • Major Access Gate Closed: 23 kN
  • Major Access Gate Open: 8 kN
  • Minor Axis Gate Closed: 8 kN
  • Price: $17.95

Note: Like many of Edelrid’s most innovative products, there’s a steep learning curve to feel solid. Spend the time and you’ll be able to one-hand clip the Pure Slider much faster than it would take to lock the barrel-gate of a traditional locker. Click to see a video queued to Daniel clipping the rope one-handed (with the Pure Slider). The last time we counted the Pure Slider was also the lightest autolocker locker on the market, by 8 grams.

Like what you see? Buy a Slider Carabiner! Since these ‘biners are so new, and such a specialty item, most retailers don’t carry them yet. But here’s where we know you can buy them online:

Or, check out more new and innovative gear by heading over to our post covering all the latest gear from the Winter Outdoor Retailer Trade Show.

Write us any questions about these ‘biners in the comments and we’ll get you the answers!

Alison Dennis

Alison Dennis

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