Listed below are the 13 brands that sell ice screws (plus 1 that used to sell them and 1 that will sell them in the future). Ice screws are an interesting beast as they don’t have that many different features (to filter on) but there is definitely a lot of subtleties.

One of the biggest in-use differences is whether the screw is equipped with a traditional hanger or if it has a method to crank as well. In the table below we’ve noted which companies sell screws with and without a cranking handle/knob/arm.

The other main difference is the use of aluminum. There are a few folks (E-Climb and Petzl) dabbling with using aluminum tubes and (replaceable steel) teeth. This can change the screw weight significantly, although the reason everybody doesn’t do this light method is because durability decreases significantly too.

You’ll notice we’re not including Omega Pacific in our list, even though it is still possible to find a few close-outs. Omega stopped selling screws a few years ago due to loads of vendor troubles.

Fixe and Stubai are coming out with ice screws in the future, but they do not currently produce them (despite ice screws showing up in Tech Rocks catalog and on Stubai’s site).

You can now compare every ice screw currently available at:
[table width=”100%” border=”0″]

Brand,Regular Screws,Cranking Screws

Austri Alpin,"",x

Black Diamond,x,x


Climbing Technology,x,x





Ice Rock,x,x




Singing Rock,x,""


Note: We borrowed the top photo from a google image search leading us to a Lake City Climbers picture. We thought it was the perfect size and since it featured somebody was placing an ice screw we grabbed it.

Let us know in the comments if…

  1. You know of any other brands that sell screws
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