In the past 5 years the growth of brands offering crack gloves has exploded. Here are the brands currently producing and offering crack gloves:

The 11 Brands Who Sell Crack Gloves

  1. Black Diamond
    Black Diamond Logo
  2. Climb X
    ClimbX Logo
  3. G7
    G7 Logo
  4. Garra
    Garra Logo
  5. Grivel
    Grivel Logo V2 Black
  6. Ocun
    Ocun Logo BW
  7. Outdoor Research
    Outdoor Research Logo
  8. Red Chili
    Red Chili Logo
  9. Singing Rock
    Singing Rock Logo
  10. Simond
    Simond Logo
  11. Wide Boyz
    Wideboyz Logo

Honorable Mentions

Green Gear

Green Gear’s Hand Jammies were the first crack glove and it seems you can still find them on Amazon. We don’t list them above because we cannot find official details or even an official brand website to get stats and a sizing chart. We’ve emailed Green Gear multiple times and never received a reply. So we’re not sure if they’re actively being made or just selling off old stock. (You’ll find reviews online that do not suggest buying these gloves, but give credit to them being the first manufactured glove).


Triop’s Crack Glove is a “Leather/rubber hand protection during crag climbing.” This is all Triop mentions on their site, with no photos, stats, pricing, size chart, or further description. As such, we’re not sure if it’s a currently produced item. You can find some in stock with more information and plenty of photos at the Canadian climbing store Verti Call (the custom photos all thanks to Verti Call).


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