Every year more and more brands are adding approach shoes to their line. On WeighMyRack we define approach shoes specifically as shoes that have a flat “climbing zone” at the toe area of the sole. This climbing zone allows the the shoe to climb, or edge, onto small holds. If we didn’t have this required feature, we’d need to add nearly every hiking and casual shoe, which would muddy the options. That said, we do still split approach shoes on WeighMyRack into 3 categories based on shoe construction: Running, Casual, and Technical, so you can further dial in your preferences.

You can see all the brands (and manufacturers) who make and sell approach shoes below. You can also compare every approach shoe model and all their features at weighmyrack.com/approachshoe.

All the brands that make approach shoes

listed alphabetically

  1. AKU
    AKU Logo Black
  2. Andrew
    Andrew Logo
  3. Arc’teryx
    Arcteryx Logo
  4. Armond
    Armond Logo
  5. Asolo
    Asolo Logo
  6. Bestard
    Bestard Logo
  7. Black Diamond
    Black Diamond Logo
  8. Boreal
    Boreal Logo
  9. Dachstein
    Dachstein Logo Black
  10. Dolomite
    Dolomite Logo Black
  11. Evolv
    Evolv Logo
  12. Fitwell
    Fitwell Logo Black
  13. Five Ten
    Five Ten Logo
  14. Garmont
    Garmont Logo Black
  15. Garsport
    Garsport Logo Black
  16. Gronell
    Gronell Black Logo
  17. Kayland
    Kayland Black Logo
  18. La Sportiva
    LA Sportiva Logo
  19. Lomer
    Lomer Logo Black
  20. Lowa
    Lowa Logo
  21. Mad Rock
    Madrock Logo
  22. Mammut
    Mammut Logo
  23. Millet
    Millet Logo
  24. Montbell
    Montbell Logo Black
  25. Salewa
    Salewa Logo BW
  26. Saltic
    Saltic Logo
  27. Scarpa
    Scarpa Logo
  28. Terrex
    All the 31 Brands That Make and Sell Approach Shoes 1
  29. Tenaya
    Tenaya Logo
  30. Unparallel
    Unparallel Sports Logo Black
  31. Zamberlan
    Zamberlan Logo


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Quick Housekeeping Note

On WeighMyRack, we have an “unfiltered” area where we show shoes that have been filtered out of our main display area. These shoes are either missing price or weight information. If we included them in the main area, it would totally screw up the search results when you filtered on a product. This is where you’ll find some European brands that we have difficulty finding the full retail price, such as Asolo, Armond, and Andrew. And some brands, like Garmont, that don’t seem to make the weight of their shoes readily available.

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