Grivel came out with the most gear out of any brand at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in 2019. Including new ice tools, a harness, a helmet, and belay device along with updates to existing ice axes and ice accessories. Most of the gear is targeted towards the skimo market. We filmed it all, and those videos are currently in the editing queue. Until they’re out, you can see photos and find details here.

Grivel Dark Machine ice tool

$419.99, 480 grams, Fall 2019

The Dark Machine is made for moderate to aggressive ice and mixed climbing. The most unique aspect is that this ice tool is made of both carbon and aluminum. The handle is all carbon, while the shaft is aluminum wrapped in carbon. The aluminum reduces weight and the carbon adds damping.

The Dark Machine has a higher balance point than the previous Grivel ice tools due to the material mix. You’ll be able to buy the Dark Machine without any accessories, or it can be purchased with a hammer, mini-hammer, or adze. Note: The Dark Machine in the photos below is a prototype. The handle shows raw carbon but it will come wrapped.

Grivel Dark Machine Grivel Dark Machine Head

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Grivel Dark Machine X ice tool

$449.99, 470 grams, Fall 2019

The Dark Machine X is made for overhanging mixed and ice terrain, and competitions. It is nearly identical to the Dark Machine, but the Dark Machine X incorporates a more aggressive handle design. The wider/more elongated handle allows for a greater resting position in overhanging conditions.

The head will come standard blank, but hammers, mini-hammers, and adze’s can be purchased (see below for more details).

Note: Pictured below are prototypes of the Dark Machine and Dark Machine X with carbon handles to show off the construction. The carbon handles will come wrapped.

Dark Machine X compared to Dark Machine

Grivel picks, hammers, mini-hammers, and adze updates

blades: $49.99, blank: $16.99, hammers/adze: $34.99, Fall 2019

All of Grivel’s ice tool head accessories have been updated to be fully interchangeable. The new pick/accessory system fits like puzzle pieces and will allow you to change from nothing (a blank), to hammers (normal or mini), or an adze while using the same pick, or vise versa.

The picks will be backward/forwards compatible with all Grivel’s ice tools.

Note: The red cord in the photos below is not directly part of the ice accessories, it’s just a corded keyring that held all the ice tool accessories together. 

Grivel puzzle pick connection

Grivel Pick Adze Option

Grivel Hammer accessory

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Grivel Duetto helmet

$149.99, 195 grams, Sept 2019

The Duetto is a lightweight EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam helmet that is dual certified for climbing and skiing. It’s not the lightest on the market but it is the lightest dual certified helmet. The Duetto helmet is ~40% lighter than the other dual rated helmets out there, and there aren’t many.

The Duetto will come in bright blue (apparently it looks fairly different, and better, in natural outdoor light), and also a gray.

Grivel Duetto helmet

Grivel Duetto helmet back

Grivel Duetto helmet Gray

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Grivel Mistral harness

$99.99, 168 grams, Sept 2019

The Mistral harness is made of aramid fabric which is same material used to make high performance sails for sailboats. The Mistral harness can be completely undone for putting on or taking off with skis on. Grivel used aramid fabric because it is stiffer than other lightweight materials, like mesh. The goal is that the aramid will reduce bunching and therefor improve comfort. That said, this isn’t a harness made for long hangs.

The harness does have a drop seat, with a small buckle clip. There are also 2 fabric gear loops on either side. Additionally, the leg loops have a ice screw loop, to prevent a floppy/dangling emergency ice screw.

The Mistral harness will come in 3 sizes. The leg loops have two different closure points — by threading the metal toggle through one of two available slots (see photo below). The waist belt can be threaded in two areas to change how the harness fits (photo below).

Grivel Mistral Harness

Grivel Mistral harness aramid fabric Grivel Mistral Harness waist adjust

Grivel Mistral Adjustable leg loops

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Grivel Scream belay device

$29.99 alone, $39.99 w/ carabiner, 46 grams, Sept 2019

The Grivel Scream is a belay plate made for rappelling with skinny rap lines. No belay device is rated for the tiniest diameters of rap lines, except the Scream! It’ll work for ropes 5mm – 8mm. This design targets the skimo market who only carries a rap line. It’s not designed for climbers using a single rope + a rap line.

It’ll be sold as the belay plate, and also in a package with a locking carabiner.

The next closest small diameter belay device is Edelrid Micro Jul which is rated for 6.9 – 8.9 mm ropes.

Grivel Scream belay device

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Grivel Ghost & Ghost Evo ice axe updates

$119.99 Ghost, $134.99 Ghost Evo — comes in 45cm and 50cm with adze or hammer, ~269-309 grams, Sept 2019

The Ghost & Ghost Evo now have a more comfortable pick shape for holding and plunging. The pick updates are a flatter top surface and finger grooves on the bottom of the pick. The adze/hammer integration is updated, too, although they stay steel.

The Ghost is the lightest axe that Grivel makes. It has a cut off and caped end (no spike) to save weight and is primarily designed for skimo use.

The Ghost Evo is a lightweight axe that has a classic spike and a slightly curved shaft.

Grivel Ghost Evo

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Grivel Magic Ring prusik

$39.99, 44 grams, Fall 2019

The Magic Ring is another skimo-designed product. It eliminates the need for a carabiner when using a “third hand” prusik. The Magic Ring is a loop or cord with a metal clip that will hold the prusik in place. One end of the loop is meant to girth hitch onto your harness. The other end wraps around the climbing rope in prusik fashion, then then a metal stopper secures the prusik to the rope. No carabiners or adjustments to the harness necessary.

Note: The picture below shows the stopper as a 3D-printed plastic piece, it’ll be metal in the final version.

Grivel Magic Ring


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