Olympus Mons Cube mountaineering boot

Priced at $1199, Weighs 1050 grams, Available Jan 2020 (pushed out from Nov 2019)

The Olympus Mons Cube is an upgrade from the Olympus Mons Evo. It is a mountaineering boot built for the highest and coldest expeditions, like Everest, Antarctica and other Himalayan peaks. Tall peaks is actually how the boot got its name, Olympus Mons, is the tallest peak in the solar system, which is 85.3k feet tall (26 kilometers, 16 miles).

La Sportiva Olympus Mons


The most substantial change of the new Cube version is the addition of the tech fitting binding inserts. This will allow for skiing across and up glaciers. Note: The tech fitting is not intended for downhill skiing, there are no heel binding attachments.

The tech fittings on the Oly Mons will be particularly helpful for polar expeditions that typically require a long approach on skis. The Oly Mons upgrades were actually created in conjunction with athletes Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger, who wanted super warm boots to use on their long ski approaches.

La Sportiva Tech Fitting Closeup

The tech fittings nearly overshadow the fact that the new Oly Mons is 400 grams lighter than its predecessor. La Sportiva says that despite the weight savings, the new Oly Mons is also warmer. The heat is partly due to the insulate properties of Primaloft Gold Insulation Aerogel, which has a thermal barrier yet is lightweight, waterproof, compression resistant, and durable.

The Oly Mons still has a mondo gaiter, that now includes an offset zipper that goes the full length of the gaiter. This zipper design will offer flexibility, durability and easy access to the inside. The gaiter also employs UltraSonic Welding technology, a process normally used for welding plastics and metals. This tech applies high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to pieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld.

La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube Shoe Booty

The new construction is essentially a triple layer boot, with a small sock-like booty, a more normal double layer boot, and the burly shell. Having the 3rd smaller sock liner should increase drying times significantly. The boots also have copious La Sportiva logos, so you’ll always know they go together.

Another big upgrade is the lack of laces in the Cube. Now, you can use gloved hands to tighten the two BOA® closures to secure the fit above and below the ankle.

Rightly so, the Olympus Mons Cube has already won an Industry Award from the Germany-based ISPO trade show, where they took home Gold.

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