Including male and female models, La Sportiva is releasing 5 new shoes in 2018. They’re finally making narrower “women’s” versions of the Futura and Skwama. They’re replacing their previous price-conscious gym model (the OxyGym) with the washable GeckoGym. They’re also upping their commitment to sustainability with the release of the Cobra ECO. Details and videos below.

Futura – Women’s

Following on the heels of the soft, sensitive, and aggressive men’s Futura, La Sportiva is releasing the Futura Women’s with the same No-Edge outsole and Vibram XS Grip rubber. The women’s model is built on a lower volume last than the men’s model, with a narrower forefoot and heel. Like the original Futura, the Futura Women’s utilizes the P3 rand platform to keep the shoe (and the climber’s foot) in a downturned position. The upper is unlined leather enabling it to mold to the climber’s foot. The Futura and now the Futura Women’s model will both use the fast lacing system found on the Solution (and Women’s Solution).

May 2018, $185

Skwama – Women’s

Building from La Sportiva’s still recent release of the men’s Skwama, the Skwama Women’s will feature a lower volume last in the forefoot and heel. It’ll have the same thin midsole and unique split outsole as the men’s version, along with the S-heel construction of the Skwama/Otaki line. It utilizes the P3 rand platform to keep the shoe (and the climber’s foot) in a downturned position and a large rubber toecap for toe hooks and tension-based climbing. It’s a soft, performance orientated shoe prioritizing sensitivity, downturn and aggressive foot position for steeper sport, bouldering and competition climbing.

Summer 2018, $165

Cobra Eco – Unisex

The La Sportiva Cobra slipper was removed from the North American line for a few years, but now it’s back, in an Eco edition. The Cobra Eco is very similar in material usage to the Mythos Eco, emphasising environmental responsibility, reducing waste and recycling. The rubber is fully recycled from the production of other shoes (ie, small scraps from the Solution and Genius, etc). The leather and nylon are environmentally sourced, eco-tanned and use water-based glues and dyes. The Cobra Eco has a full length outsole and an unlined leather upper. This combination makes for a comfortable, sensitive, and supportive shoe ideal for long sessions. The Cobra Eco slipper will be great for crack climbing when you size big, or they claim it also performs well on the steeps when you downsize.

Summer 2018, $140

Gecko Gym – Men’s & Women’s

The La Sportiva Gecko Gym was designed for indoor climbing and training, although you can certainly go outdoors with them. La Sportiva used their proprietary XF 2.0 rubber for maximizing durability. The Gecko Gym has a powerful midsole to support the foot during long days in the gym. A split outsole makes it easier to resole when the time comes. It’s built on a comfort oriented last with minimal asymmetry or downturn. The synthetic upper has an anti-microbial finish to reduce shoe stench. Most notably, the Gecko Gym is washable – train all day, and when it’s finally starting to smell you can toss ’em in the washing machine and after they air dry you’ll be ready for the next gym session.

Spring 2018, $110

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