Squamish is an amazing sanctuary. I compare it to my time exploring Vermont’s backyard, it feels like home in that it’s so green and earthy. I’ve climbed trad in Squamish only a few times, but enough to claim it as my favorite crag, when the routes aren’t waterfalls that is! I’ve never actually bouldered in Squamish but it’s fun to watch some of the talented ladies who have.

Today I ran across a video (from the RVProject) showcasing some of their efforts. I particularly liked the first scene, alive with so much support. Not only is the crowed (of ladies) cheering positively versus their best imitations of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (the Senior Drill Instructor from Full Metal Jacket) but there’s also a TON of helping hands, and I do mean this literally.

[Can’t see the video above? Check it out Vimeo.]

The first scene with Ashley Christensen made me smile and appreciate the innate ability women have to support eachother. Then I kept watching the video and got a little envious of the totally buff ladies (Lani Adamson, Vikki Glinskii and Marissa Land) that follow.

I shall now attempt to resist more chips and guacamole in hopes that it’ll help the being-in-shape cause.

Alison Dennis

Alison Dennis

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