The Quantum VCS is a velcro closure version of the lace-up Quantum released in 2016. Climbers with wide forefeet and relatively narrow heels have felt (and will feel) at home in the Quantum series.

Both the lace-up and velcro versions of the Quantum are built on the same last and have the same shape — with aggressive asymmetry and a technical/downturned arch (a bit more downturned at the toe than most technical shoes but not super aggressive overall).

Five Ten Quantum VCS

The Huber brothers designed the lace Quantum to be their versatile do-everything shoe (if you want to hear Thomas Huber geek out on the lace-up version, check out this video). Not surprisingly, the Hubers wanted it comfortable enough to climb all day, thus the big padded/breathable tongue, in both lace and velcro options. The midsole is quite stiff, and combined with a full-length outsole, the Quantum will provide the support needed when you’re out all day and for difficult edging. With the pointy toe (but not as pointy as the Verdon) it’s also designed to fit well into tight pockets.

Five Ten Quantum VCS Toepatch

Both Quantums feature Stealth C4 rubber which is Five Ten’s most versatile rubber compound which balances durability and stickiness and covers the widest range of usable temperatures.

The VCS version does have a larger rubber toe patch compared to barely there toe-patch of the lace-up Quantum. You’ll notice the toe area of the VCS is also higher volume, allowing for knuckled toes when downsizing.

Five Ten Quantum Toepatch Comparison

Right now the Quantum and Quantum VCS are only available in a Unisex (read: men’s) version. The VSC is going to be better for high volume feet and the lace version will provide more adjustability making it more ideal for lower (or high) volume feet.



Sizing for Five Ten’s shoes is recommend to start with your street shoe size. Since it’s a lined synthetic it’ll only stretch ~1/4 a size over time.

If you want a less pointy toe, but still want the downturn, look to the Five Ten Hi-Angle slipper (made in men’s and women’s). Or go the other way, and for a more pointed toe, check out the Verdon — available in lace and VCS versions.

The Quantum VCS will be available in Spring 2018 for $185.

These are the current offerings of all of Five Ten’s Quantum models: