Fay Fuller rocked. Sure, she was the first woman to summit Mt. Rainier, but she didn’t stop there. When she wasn’t publishing her column “Mountain Murmurs” for a Tacoma, WA newspaper, she was working to promote outdoor pursuits as a founding member of not one, but two northwest climbing institutions: The Washington Alpine Club and the Mazamas.

She blazed the trail up Mt. Rainier in charcoal sunblock, a straw hat, and an “immodest” outfit she cobbled together from boys boots and menswear items. What’s the SPF rating on charcoal? I’m sure you don’t care once you sweat it into your eyes. Her expedition included spending the night at the summit in a cave hollowed out by steam from the active volcano. If you remember your high school geology class, you know it must have smelled like the fart of someone who had eaten hard boiled eggs exclusively. But Fay loved it, she deemed standing on the summit “a heavenly experience.”

We tip our straw hats to the determined Fay Fuller. She paved the way for generations of women to follow in her stinky, sweaty footsteps and love it, too.