Since we carry water on virtually every climb, we consider water bottles to be essential gear. When the cheery folks at Clean Bottle complimented the thoroughness of WeighMyRack and reached out to ask if we would review their bottle (a free one for us, and an extra for our readers), we couldn’t help but say yes. Although we didn’t particularly need another water bottle, the thought of a bottle with an infuser swayed our minimalist mindset.

Clean Bottle Square water bottle with infuser

  • 1/4 turn lid
  • Comfortable to carry/hold handle
  • Nice sized mouth for drinking
  • Larger opening on bottom for adding ice cubes/fruits
  • Easily cleaned
  • Good quantity of water (25 oz.)
  • Infuser made specifically for the bottle (sold separately)
  • Supporting another startup company
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • BPA-free (but all bottles should be at this point)


  • Taller than most water bottles that hold the same amount of water
  • Lid handle takes up a lot of space
  • Plastic is quite thin / looks a little flimsy

Square Bottle review


  • Anti-roll, square design (still fits in cup holders)
  • Neon colors look radioactive (you can also get it in gray or stainless steel)
  • The handle (described in likes and dislikes)
  • Price

Ideal Uses

  • Work
  • School
  • Short walks w/o a pack
  • Picnics
  • Driving

Using the Square bottle while walking the dog

We’re a little obsessed with water bottles; We’ve had plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, leaky, insulated, small, large, brand name, knock-off, expensive, cheap, free, and everything in between bottles. Living on the road gives us another unique angle for our testing.

So let’s dive into the details of what we liked and didn’t like about Clean Bottle’s newest product, the Tritan Square.

Clean Bottle Square water bottle with infuserWe Like

The Top Lid.

The ¼ twist lid makes getting the bottle open and closed super fast and easy compared to a Nalgene-style screw-top bottle. However, this also makes it feel less secure if you are tossing it in a pack. We’ve never actually had it open accidentally but the thought of having a bottle open in a pack is what keeps us from stuffing it in a pack that is going to get tossed around. For day-to-day use, the 1/4 twist lid is great.

Square water bottle

The Mouth.

The mouth of the bottle is, in our eyes (and mouth), a perfect size. Large enough for great flow, but not so large that you get water pouring off you chin or are afraid to drink while driving. The mouth also has a substantial neck that increases the ease of drinking.

Using the Square bottle while driving

The Bottom Lid.

The fact that you can open the top and the bottom for easy cleaning is freaking rad. The bottom opening is slightly larger than the top so if your ice cubes are too big to fit in the top, just flip the bottle over and plop ‘em in. The bottom cap also allows you to use the infuser and still drink from the top. Note: the only bummer here is when adding things to the bottom you need to hold the bottle, you can’t rest it on the top because of the handle.

The Infuser.

If you’re into infusing your water with fruits, herbs, and/or veggies, this bottle makes it easy. I’ve infused water without a filter before and found that you can infuse big stuff without a huge drinking problem, but you can’t add mint or basil without getting sucking down herbs or having them stick to your lips. The $5 Square infuser solves this problem. We actually keep the infuser in the Square 100% of the time, so we don’t lose it. Bonus: the infuser sits at the bottom of the bottle versus the top, increasing the infusing time.

Our favorite infusions are on-the-road simple: #1 cucumbers with lemons/limes, #2 oranges & a cinnamon stick. We found strawberries, raspberries and mangos were better eaten raw versus mildly infusing the water. Word of warning: Tossing a few grubs in the infuser and filling the bottle with vodka does not make tequila, no matter how long you let it “infuse.” If you need infusion inspiration, I highly recommend the creative recipes found on the Infused Waters website (they have a great FAQ too).

Square water bottle infuser
Supporting a small company.

Clean Bottle is small company. They currently have 3 full-time employees, 1 part-timer, and an intern. It’s nice to know we’re supporting a small group of people following their vision and creating purpose-built products.

We Dislike

The Plastic.

The plastic feels flimsy especially compared to a beefy polycarbonate bottle. Initially we feared it wouldn’t survive a body weight test, so we did one. It didn’t break or leak under 165 lbs, although it did flex substantially. We now have confidence that it’ll survive most activities. And in addition to the BPA-free plastic, the bottle also has a lifetime guarantee.


The Lid Handle Size.

The size of the lid is a little too big and bulky for an ideal fit in our minimalist packs. If the handle had an option to fold down and lay flat we wouldn’t have any complaints. Everything else about the lid is awesome.

The Height.

This one is tricky. We like the volume of the bottle (25oz.) but the form of the bottle is just a little too tall in our opinion. Part of the issue is due to the height of the handle. Certainly is not a deal-breaker as it doesn’t affect the performance of the bottle, just a gripe.


The Shape.

Although we can’t remember a specific time we wished we had anti-roll functionality, I can imagine situations where this is helpful. The great part is, although the shape is unique, the Square still fits in typical cup-holders. And the design doesn’t sacrifice the amount of water it carries. The radii of the corners inside the bottle also make it easy to clean.

The Color.

We received the orange bottle (and the giveaway bottle is green!). Both are fluorescent bordering on radioactive. When I first opened the package I couldn’t help but think about the Ninja Turtles and their Ooze. But, the color makes it easy to find and one Amazon reviewer stated their bottle makes their water look fresher. There are four bright colors and one subdued gray available.

Square bottle colors infuser filter

The Handle.

We have a love/hate relationship with the handle. Depending on how you use the bottle, the handle can be very functional or a big waste of space. It’s absolutely great when carrying the bottle in your hand. And it makes it even easier to open and close. Is it worth the bulk?

The Price.

Since we received ours for free it’s not really fair to weigh-in on the value of the bottle. We can say $12 for this bottle seems like a good price for what you get but what’s more important is: We’ve enjoyed using our Square solidly for a few months. It’s great by our desk and the infuser encourages us to drink more water, and there’s not one sign of degradation after daily use.

Specific Price Note: The prices on Amazon seemed to be variable – the same or slightly higher than the prices on the Clean Bottle website. And for us, the $5 infuser is a must-have and really makes the water bottle awesome.

Clean Bottle Square water bottle with infuser


Water bottle companies are like rabbits these days and most bottles are so similar it’s difficult to distinguish between them. As to the Square bottle: We love the ¼ twist lid, the infuser entices us to keep hydrated, and the top and bottom lids make it super easy to clean.

Overall we like our Square as a handy infuser water bottle. Indoors, we’re either drinking from it or letting it infuse in the fridge. Although it’s not our choice when we need a bottle to toss in a backpack, it’s because we have plenty of other beefier bottles for that. If you don’t yet own a water bottle (really?) or are looking for a unique option that fits car cup holders and that can make a quick walk around the park more enjoyable, than the Square bottle, by Clean Bottle is worth a look.

Enter to win a free Square bottle

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Full Disclosure: We were given a Square bottle for free and a second one to raffle to our readers. The Amazon link embedded above is an affiliate link (we get a commission from Amazon if you buy any product shortly after clicking that link), but we gain no other benefits (monetarily or otherwise) for writing this review.

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