Athlete: Crack climbing machine JP “PeeWee” Ouellet

History: JP’s been climbing for over 20 years and has used most rope brands. He’s had a special insight into the climbing business because he’s also been in the industry as a Climbing Rep.

Why Sterling? JP’s top priorities for ropes are durability and performance. He feels Sterling Ropes keep the performance for the length of their lifetime. JP actually sought out Sterling, to buy their ropes, and was happily surprised when they responded with an sponsorship contract.

From jpouellet‘s instagram, you can see an excited xmas post:

jpouellet sterling ropes

JP Ouellet’s go-to Sterling Ropes

  1. 80% of the time, his workhorse is the 9.4mm Fusion Ion 
    • The current version is the 9.4mm Fusion Ion with six length/dry/bicolor options.
    • In 2015 the sheath is getting tighter and lighter weave, debuting as the 9.4mm Ion R
  2. For ice and mixed climbing he prefers the Fusion Nano.
    • The Fusion Nano currently comes in 9.2mm and six length/dry/bicolor options.
    • The 2015 version is going to be the 9.0mm Fusion Nano IX.
  3. For mixed climbing versatility he teams up the Fusion Nano with the 7.8mm Fusion Photon
    • 7.8mm Fusion Photon currently comes in 6 options ranging from 60-80 meters and whether or not you want dry.
  4. For any heavy duty ordeals, whether it’s top roping or jugging or if he’s in an abrasive rock area, he’ll grab the 9.8mm Evolution Velocity.


Want to compare Sterling to the rest?
Check out all the dynamic ropes (560+ options) at:


Head to Vimeo to see the rope improvements coming in 2015 with the 9.4mm Ion R and 9.0mm Fusion Nano IX.


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