Aiders are a unique gear type in that most any brand can make them because there are limited certifications necessary since they’re not what literally holds you onto the wall. Check out all the brands who make and sell aiders at or compare the options by clicking any of the individual brands below.

All the brands that make aiders

listed alphabetically

  1. Aideer Climbing
    All the 21+ Brands That Make and Sell Aiders 1
  2. Black Diamond
    Black Diamond Logo
  3. CAMP / Cassin
    Camp Logo
    Cassin Logo
  4. Climbing Technology
    Climbing Technology Logo
  5. CMI
    CMI Logo
  6. Edelrid
    Edelrid Logo
  7. Fish
    FISH Logo Black
  8. Fixe
    Fixe Climbing Logo Black
  9. Gipfel Climbing
    Gipfelclimbing Logo Black
  10. Kailas
    Kailas Logo
  11. Kong
    Kong Logo
  12. Krukonogi
    Krukonogi Logo
  13. Metolius
    Metolius Logo
  14. Misty Mountain
    Misty Mountain Logo
  15. Ocun
    Ocun Logo BW
  16. Petzl
    Petzl Logo
  17. PMI
    PMI Logo
  18. Runout Customs
    Runoutcustoms Logo Black
  19. Singing Rock
    Singing Rock Logo
  20. Trango
    Trango Logo
  21. Yates
    Yates Logo

There are a few brands not in the list…

Such as these European brands who make Russian aiders. We can’t get much information on the products, so they’re not in our official list because we’re not sure if they’re actually being produced or how available they are. If you speak and read Russian or want to search them out for yourself you can copy/paste into these online retailers, though it is unclear to us if they will (or can) sell or ship to anywhere outside of Russia.

Крок крюконоги – Krok stirrups and rings are sold on and also appear to sell in Ukraine.

Дмитриенко крюконоги – Dmitrienko krukonogi are sold on

The generic search term крюконоги (krukonogi) translates to ‘hooklegs’ and can be helpful for webstore searches if you don’t speak or read Russian.

Did we miss a brand?

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