Here’s a list of all the rock climbing guiding companies located in Tennessee:


The Adventure Guild Logo

Company: The Adventure Guild


Phone: 423-266-5709


Headquarters: Dunlap, Tennessee

Specialties:Rock Climbing, Mountaineering

Summary: The Adventure Guild is your one-stop source. Because they are a company whose foundational ethos is to exceed client expectations whenever possible, you can count on every program or service provided to be a perfect balance of expert technical proficiency and personal warmth.


Rocky Top Guides Logo

Company: Rocky Top Guides


Phone: 423-521-1980, 706-333-208


Headquarters: Tennessee

Specialties: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering

Summary: They teach everything from the rank beginner to more advanced classes in topics like anchor building, trad climbing, movement/technique, and aid/solo rope climbing.


Granite Arches Climbing Center Logo

Company: Granite Arches Climbing Guides


Phone: 423- 413-1432


Headquarters: Tennessee

Specialties: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Ski Mountaineering

Summary: Their focus is to help you efficiently reach your climbing goals, while developing superior risk management awareness and technical skill proficiency. In short, their aim is to make you a better climber as quickly as possible.



These companies also guide in Tennessee (but are not headquartered in Tennessee):


Peregrine Climbing Guides Logo

Company: Peregrine Climbing Guides


Phone: 803-629-6590


Headquarters: Tuscaloosa, AL

Specialties: Guiding and instruction for all levels of rock climbers. They will also guide waterfall ice.

Summary: A small guiding service founded in 2011 with guides prepared to assist in learning basic or advanced techniques or to accompany you on your bigger rock climbing pursuits. They’re stationed for Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina but are willing to travel with you anywhere in the US.


Fox Mountain School Logo

Company: Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School


Phone: 888-284-8433


Headquarters: North Carolina

Specialties: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering

Summary: Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School in the Southeast region because of many factors, all of which stem from their pursuit of “Excellence in Guiding and Instruction”. They are proud of their company and with any guide service, the core of  their company is their Instructors and Guides.



Did we accidentally miss anybody? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll make sure they’re put on the list!