All the Bouldering Pads that are on sale right now

Part of the reason we started WeighMyRack was so we wouldn’t get suckered into buying crappy gear just because it was on sale. Buying the right gear saves time, money and energy. And owning gear you’re confident in just makes for a better climbing experience.

This page is to help climbers find great gear at a discounted price. At the same time, one can avoid future frustration by resisting the temptation to buy less-than-ideal gear simply because it’s on sale.

Although there are 40+ brands that make/sell bouldering pads, there are only 5 brands that are consistently sold at online retailers. You’ll find Asana, Black Diamond, Evolv, Mad Rock and Metolius pads listed below, when they’re on sale (which isn’t super common).

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This is a list of all the crash pads on sale right now at online retailers. This page automatically updates multiple times each day to show you every deal there is. If it’s on sale online (in the US), we’ll list it here. If you want to see every crash pad (on-sale or not), check out our page for bouldering pads on WeighMyRack– we’ll show you every one on the market.

If you want to see every single bouldering pad available in the world versus just 5 brands that may not be on sale, check out our Bouldering Pad page on WeighMyRack.