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I’m Frederick Beal, and I am the General Manager of Beal. Two years ago, we introduced a new technology on harnesses which is called, “Web Core.” It is, basically, a lamination. The goal of that was to have very thin harnesses – very comfortable, and with an even affordable price. We come now with a new harness: The Phantom – a sport climbing harness. Only one buckle. A fitting system with an elastic one, and ventilated. It comes in four sizes. We wanted a light harness, but not the lightest harness, that’s for sure. We were looking for a sport climbing harness with good comfort, so, we still have this very wide belt in order to support the back. And, then, we have the same technology as the Web Core, but, not laminated. We have the Amazon here, which is the woman harness.

We have the Addict, which is the same one. Two buckles from the waist. The dynamic fit system here, two plastic buckles, with  an elastic there, so, you can just slide in order to adjust easily the harness. This is not metallic buckles, so, the weight is less and of course the cost is little bit less. And, it doesn’t move at all. You don’t have to adjust it all day long. It just stay in place, doesn’t slide. The difference between this one and the former Web Core technology harnesses is that this one is not laminated. It doesn’t affect how comfortable the harness is, but, it allows us to be very aggressive in terms of price.

Here, for instance, you have a harness that’s less than 60 bucks for four buckle harness. The Rookie is exactly the same as the Amazon, and the Addict, but for children. You still have two metallic buckles on the waist, the plastic buckles for the adjustment on the legs. Kids friendly, in terms of colors, and still have this construction, non-laminated this time as on the Addict and on the Amazon. You can buy a size one, and then move to a size two, and it covers a lot of sizers for the children.

Black Diamond

I’m Kolin Powick, and I am the Climbing Category Director of Black Diamond. This is the new Solution harness – 69 bucks retail; Fusion Comfort technology, wide on the sides where you get squished, narrow in the back where you don’t need it, wide legs, super supportive, super comfortable. It’s like your mid-range, sport climbing harness, use it for trad climbing, use it for anything. Fixed leg loops, speed buckle, men’s and women’s available. This is a lamination process, with three structural bands that distribute the load. The reason there’s three and not like a bunch – there’s other harnesses out there that are, maybe, somewhere in construction, but, they get kinda stiff and boardy, and then you really feel it kinda digging in to your side where this really moves with you – when you’re climbing, or when you’re belaying, or when you’re walking or whatever. Really, really nice, low profile, light, super comfortable rig. Available: January. BAM.


My name is Brett Merlin. I am with CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment. The Flash is our new ultra-light, sport climbing harness. It is now, I believe, the lightest in the world at 236 grams only, and we used a really innovative, new laminate, construction style webbing that’s incredibly supportive for being so lightweight. This initial white section that you see throughout the entire harness: this is the main body structure that this harness is built on, and then we weaved each individual strand through that body, making the laminate integrate with the structure of the actual harness. On the inside of the harness, we have 3 millimeter of a honeycomb foam, laminated on to that outer structure to give it a little bit more comfort. The leg loops are a fixed leg loop, all the tie-in points are reinforced for those high abrasion and durability areas. The gear loops on this harness – we have kinda two different styles. The first style is more flat for lot of those quick draws to lay really flat and kinda shift a little bit more forward, and then,  on the back gear loop, it’s a more rounded for lot of the utility things, like, belay devices and locking carabiners. The price on this harness is only going to be $79.95.


I’m really excited to show you today the Huascaran harness, which is the world’s first bluesign® certified harness. It contains over 95% of bluesign® certified fabric, plus, the whole production process is bluesign® certified, and only this allows us to put the label  of bluesign® product on it. The only part of this harness that is not bluesign® certified is this buckle. The reason for that is that is that bluesign® simply doesn’t have a practise or a standard to have a bluesign® certified buckle.

It’s very lightweight, ski, mountaineering, or alpine-climbing harness that packs down incredibly small, yet, has a level of comfort that other harnesses in that range don’t try to achieve. It weighs in at 220 grams, easy to open leg loops, same goes for the waist, so you won’t have to take your crampons off when you put it on. The Huascaran is named after one of the biggest mountains in South America, and will be available in 2016, and retail for $59.95.

Another new exciting product for Spring 2016 is the Finn Light harness. It is a laminated, sports climbing harness for kids. Main focus with this harness was that the kid could put on the harness himself, easily, for that reason we applied easy glide buckles and super high-grade aluminium here. The leg loops are easy to put on because there’s this piece of stretchy rubber so they won’t tangle up in the backpack, when you take them out, you don’t have to untangle anything, it just falls right into place. It is lightweight, yet, comfortable because of the wider leg loops due to the mesh insert. It is also more comfortable than your general, super thin, pure lamination.

We are also presenting a new entry-level harness called, “The Zack”. The load bearing webbing freely flows through the waist belt, and this allows a very wide size adjustment. So, in a size medium, this is your max, and take note of the centered gear loops, and if I cinch it up all the way – I still have centered gear loops. If you are on the low end of this harness, and on the smaller size, you might end up with a big piece of webbing, which is why we added these rubber keepers here on the side to keep it in place, so that it doesn’t bother you. All the buckles are made out of aluminium. If you would ever, accidentally, put too much weight on one of these gear loops, and pull on it really, really hard, you wouldn’t just lose the gear loop and quickdraws and cams from that, but, this webbing here would just pop open. They are all stitched together in one piece. They have a really strong point here on the front – that will then prevent the whole thing from ripping out. Available in January, and retail for $49.95.


I’m Jake and I represent Edelweiss here in the United States. This is the new Dart harness from Edelweiss; $49.95 price point. An all-around harness, it has four buckles for adjustability and all conditions and all uses from sport climbing to alpine. It has four gear loops – two on each side. It has what we call “Web Core” technology, which is a continuous webbing, all way around, it’s a flat webbing all the way round, which gives it its strength and comfort, it’s a very thin harness, which is very comfortable and conforms to your body, it’s very lightweight, and super compact. We get this aggressive price point on this harness even with all those features of being compact, lightweight and comfortable because we sew the outside to the Web Core here. Some of the higher-end Edelweiss harnesses, we laminate that under a high pressure gluing process, and this one – we’re using stitching. So, we’re getting an aggressive price point with still all the comfort and features of the higher-end harness.


I’m Steve Haston, and I would like to show you the Grivel Shield. It’s designed to alleviate some back pain for those people who use harnesses a lot, and prevent some injury. It’s made of a soft, spongy rubber with a plastic shield on it which dissipates the energy across. It’s very nice for hanging belays, big walls, this kind of thing. Photographers might wanna use it all the time. Yeah, I do a lot of new routing and it helps with new routing. It’s kinda one of those things like belay glasses. You might not think it’s a good idea until you try it, and then you kinda realise, immediately, it does help you. You can buy it with [Grivel] harnesses, or you can buy it separately to use on your own harness. It fits on most harnesses. It’s very simple velcro attachment. The back rubber, it just dissipates the energy. With this iron ball I can demonstrate a little bit more. [drops ball onto back pad and the ball stops dead]  It’s $35 if you buy it separately. It’s about half price if you buy it with one of [Grivel’s] harnesses.

Misty Mountain

My name is Phil Hoffmann, and I work with Misty Mountain Threadworks out of Banner Elk, North Carolina. For Spring 2016, we’re trying to bring out climber base, more colorway choices in our most popular models, which tends to be the Cadillac quick adjust and our standard Cadillac double back harnesses. So, for the ladies, we bought a Cadillac in quick adjust in smoke grey with contrasting purple tacks which is a nice subtle touch to a robust harness. Another model that we’ve also experienced a little bit of a renaissance if you will – is the Titan. We see a big influx in big wall climbers getting back into it with the Dawn Wall being a huge help in pushing the sport, and so the Titan big wall harness is very much that: six inches across the swami and three inches across the leg loop with double thick foam, and a dual nested belay loop right there. This has certainly been a dark horse in the line, which our core climber base has really picked up on. Our trimmed down model from the ground up series: this is the Vault harness for the ladies. This features a woman specific rise, and that nice, purple colour way, as well, in a very nice, light, 13 ounce package. And, of course, everything made in the U.S.A., Banner Elk, North Carolina, since 1985. So, 30 years old for us, the dirty 30 for Misty Mountain, if you will.

Wild Country

I’m Ross Herr with Wild Country U.S.A. and Canada. So, this is the new Mission harness. This is the women’s model. We’re really excited about the platform for low distribution – “V-flex” technology is what we are calling it. Very easily visible system to distribute the load around your body, so, from your Fast Tech buckle here, you’re gonna have your first strap and piece of webbing, and it’s gonna go on the outer perimeter of your waistband here. Within this piece of weave, you have another piece of webbing, and that is actually sewn at an angle like this, you’re going to distribute that weight up and over the hips, in addition to this piece of webbing that’s going to go down and around, and the mesh outer to help comfort. Really aggressive, anatomical type of fit. We don’t have to take the pressure of a belt, and then determine what to do with that pressure with any type of padding or foam. We’re actually guiding the pressure through the system, proactively, instead of passively, afterwards. Fast Tech buckles on legs, really comfortable, breathable, without the use of any kinds of heavy foams in there. It’s a nice, lightweight, comfortable package.

So, the men’s has the same technology. Just a little bit different size profile. Haul loop on the back, and still the ability to put ice tools on as well. The Mission men’s and women’s is about $94.We have the Syncro harness as well. So, this harness is $109, but you’re getting a four buckle harness system, so you’re able to keep the belay loop and everything centred, and then you’re also getting an extra gear loop on each hip; seven more workable loops on them. The use of this weave material and their load distribution keeps it really minimal, so, it’s a nice fit, comfortable, and very breathable, as well. For the U.S. and Canada, these are the three harnesses moving forward for Wild Country.

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