Small Businesses Unite!

We’re stoked on your creations and can’t wait to share them with the WMR community! This form will help us create unique social content to talk about you and your business. We may also use this information for a potential feature on our blog. 

Business Basics

For more info check out We ask this to ensure we’re not making assumptions. We’d also like to post them so others don’t make assumptions either. If you don’t want your pronouns posted just write “private” after your pronouns.
For more info, you can use this interactive map as or you can download the Native Land app on iOS or Android. These maps are not a perfect representation, but they are a great starting point. 

Tell Us More!


Please upload a few photos for us to choose from. 3 (or more!) photos would be AWESOME!We’d love to have a photos that are…
  • headshot of you (and/or a team photo!)
  • photo(s) of something you were proud of creating
  • you doing you craft
  • please include at least 1 horizontal photo