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We want to share your group to the broader WMR community!

Please fill out this form so we can share what you do! The more personal you answer the questions, the more heartstrings we can pull. The more perspectives we can add in terms of yours + the organizations website means the more opportunities people will have to learn and the better the chance it will all sink in.

Business Basics

For more info check out
For more info, you can use this interactive map as or you can download the Native Land app on iOS or Android. These maps are not a perfect representation, but they are a great starting point. 


Please upload a few photos for us to choose from. 3 (or more!) photos would be AWESOME!We’d love to have a photos that are…
  • Your team of organizers, volunteers, participants
  • photo(s) of the non-profit in action
  • please include at least 1 horizontal photo
If you’re having trouble uploading photos, you can email them to alison at weighmyrack dot com 

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