ReddyYeti Podcast Features WeighMyRack

We've been following ReddyYeti for months now. In addition to tons of giveaways from badass outdoor startups, they…

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Cypher Codex shoe: Review

The CoDex is billed as "the go-to shoe when things get steep [and] can handle small edges and keep you on that…

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Sneak Peak of Boulding Pad Launch on WeighMyRack

Bouldering Pads on WeighMyRack

We just launched bouldering pads on WeighMyRack but we're missing some stats for every pad to show up perfectly.…

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New Toyota RAV4 V6

It Was Time For a Trade-In

The Forester behaved like The Little Train That Could. Slowly and with great effort it plodded it's way up hills…

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WeighMyRack Launch Party

WeighMyRack has Launched!

Yay! We launched! Yippee! We had a blast on Tuesday officially launching WeighMyRack. We'd like to send a huge…

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WeighMyRack Launch Party Poster

WeighMyRack is Officially Launching!

Sure, we've technically been online for awhile, but now we're super excited to officially launch! By the time the…

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Andreas putting on the WeighMyRack Camper Wrap

The Headquarters gets a facelift!

[slideshow_deploy id='442'] It was about time to make the headquarters a bit more official! It took about 2…

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We moved out of our house and had a big yard sale

Starting the Journey in Bellingham

June meant packing. Actually, it was more like sorting: trash, sell, keep. We were moving out of our 4-bedroom…

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WeighMyRack Logo

How WeighMyRack Began

I'm all about stories. It only seems fitting to start with a mini-story of how WeighMyRack started. I'm from…

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